Thursday, November 1, 2018




It's late summer
Time to bid adieu monsoon havocs
Strong winds and torrential rainstorm flashed across , all directions.....
With its all possible strength
Washed away many dirts,
Along with many small dreams
Forever and for sometime.....

Clean, puffy heaps of clouds
Floating like our hope of dreams
On the ethereal blue canvass
Shining sun behind the clouds
Emerging like a silver lining .
Above our thought mounted hill
Which is like our expectations,
takes its own time to fulfil
At the end losing its delightful feeling .....

No wonder it's a part of life
Otherwise how can we come to know
The difference of summer or winter ,
Sorrow or pleasure, good or bad
That's the manner have to go through
If you wish to showcase the world
As a perfect or said successful one
If you can't, they all blamed you
As a loser or a disaster for mankind

All those small things
Doesn't matter for me
I just wish to live a life
Like silently landscaping through maiden grass
Across the mighty river shore
Those gracious, soft silver grace
Attract the many simple souls.

Oh! Who is out there
Such a soft knocking on my door
O! You alluring, angelic autumn
You are most welcomed here
Pleasure to feel your blissful presence
Really feel like heaven on earth
As all the festivals have to begin.
Although it will take time to heal
All those life's giving wounds
Still we like to celebrate
The joy of living , the best moments
And wish to sing together that life is good!


If my verse of emotions
Are touching you by chance
Oh! It will be my utmost pleasure
I don’t need any recognition more than that
Your words of appreciation is inspiring for me and it added more colours to my creativity
Which I would love to wear like a garland of scented flowers
The whole universe is for me, like a journal
Every situation I inked from my heart
And love to present you so heartily as much as I could.
I draw my canvas of emotions with life experiences
My vivid memories and dreams
With fluid of emotions
I ink my colorful stories for you, with my beautiful presentation
As I love to show you the wonderful world of thoughts
In every possible of beautiful manner
Which is my full hearted desire!


Fumble with my thoughts
Really bemused seeing the present times
All we love to see our generation as
Brilliant academic icons
So that they can prosper
But we never tried to give them insight on living a truly prosperous life
All we ever intended them to attract admiration for our Professed prestige, power and scholarly
But never valued them on generosity and humanity
Nowadays these are things that caused their lack of judgment
Just a nonsensical forwarded thought

Under pressure
The generation is trying to proof them sharp
But not sincerely
The qualities that make us human
The creative things, able to love and compassion
No! That’s a meaningless endeavour for today’s human
We love to become just like our machines, less man more alien!
Even though it makes our planet
A city of living dead!
Nobody cares about that
Only few poor poets in deep thoughts do.
How sad!


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