Thursday, November 1, 2018




The soft of the quilt calls me
each night, every night.

And when I tuck myself in
not sparing the head even,

it feels a haven inside.
A safe retreat to hide into.

The dark is promising.
Akin to that of the universe!

Having the sporadic stars
to light its dense black.

And I let myself smile
the "Oh I can" one.

Memories glitter.
And one is my favourite.

That of my five year old
son making a quilt-house

With bats, tub and a quilt.
I have to find him there.

The joy remains
of the cuddle thereafter.

Friendly nudges make their way
And mostly there are smiles.

Encapsulating like a womb,
promising a tended restart

with a good night's sleep
the furry warmth of my quilt.


Some write with tears,
Some write with sweat,
Some write with blood.

I write with stones.
Stupefaction and
fortitude of the universe
packed in their
solidified forms.

And as I keep versifying
the coarse, pebbly
tremulations and the
marbly imprints
on my soul,
I know I can write
a mountain soon.


I visit the attic,
when the heat outside
craves for a Norwesters-
a blessed squall,
a calming touch,
to revamp the spirits.

Or when the cold,
jeering, bone-clattering,
looks for the fireplace,
a woolly embrace,
an its-alright hug,
to beat its harshness.

Or to shed those tears
that of the eternal child's,
unprohibited, free,
unjudged, its-okay to be.
or for the laughter
I share with me, entirely.

It knows much about
my inane fears,
disarmed vulnerability.
Home to the self
the world needn't see,
the attic I visit, often,
the one inside me.


AMANITA SEN : Published by Writers Workshop, Amanita Sen's first book of poems, was “The Candle in My Dream”, . Since then her English poems have been carried in a number of anthologies and journals across the globe. Her Bengali poems have been published in many journals, including those in Bangladesh and USA. Now a mental health professional, she writes on metal-care issues in an on-line portal named


  1. great poems,great imagery,fresh like morning dew.wish you more success.

  2. Wonderful write ups, Amanita. Your emotion drenched pen would pen more delicacies of life. Warm regards. 😊

  3. You create such beautiful images with your words!

  4. Really admire your sense of word selection, what an emotion ! Please keep it up

  5. Really admire your sense of word selection, what an emotion ! Please keep it up