Thursday, November 1, 2018




Sit back and listen to the Storyteller
Tells stories some are true, some not
I would bet he could write a bestseller
But he likes telling them quite a lot

He tells some that’ll make you cry
Other times he will make you laugh
And a few that will make you sigh
And he does it free on your behalf

He brings everything he tells to life
Because there is magic in his words
While he talks you will feel no strife
Tells you things you’ve never heard

He never asks you for any money
This is what he really loves to do
Just a little tea with pure honey
All he wants are smiles from you

So, if he comes to your hometown
Because he wanders across the land
If you’re lucky he will stick around
Once you met him you’ll understand
James F. Cunningham © 10/03/2018


Stood on the edge of eternity,
Found a doorway to forever.
Away from all this insanity,
Those bonds I want to sever,
My world is filled with darkness,
Beyond the door, there’s a light.
I'm trapped in silent starkness,
Tired of living in eternal night.
But will it change if I enter,
Because for me it’s unknown.
Wonder what’s at the center,

I will be there standing alone.
The hardest step is the first one,
But why can’t I make the choice?
Just one step and it will be done,
I will come back or rejoice.
Closed my eyes then took a step,
Like I had chosen to be reborn.
My eyes got moist as I weep,
It was dawn on a beautiful morn.
The darkness was now behind me,
A new horizon was waiting ahead.
For the first time, I felt so, free,
Nothing else needed to be said.
James F. Cunningham © 09.25.2018


In the clouds, the storm is forming,
The turbulent winds begin to blow.
From the heavens, it’ll be storming,
Lightning is a mesmerizing show.

Lightning branches out like a tree,
It becomes a truly dazzling display.
Sometimes, truly terrifying to see,
Many fires are ignited in this way. The

Lightning splits a tree asunder,
Its streaks lighting up the ground,
Intensified, by the sound of thunder,
Pieces of the burnt tree falling down.

The sight of it was truly spectacular,
Lightning bolts can be so, devastating,
Describing it challenges our vernacular,
The sheer beauty of it is fascinating.

The power of nature has no equals,
Never needs a machine to make work.
Comes again in never-ending sequels,
But lightning is like beautiful Artwork.
James F. Cunningham © 09.27.2018


Jim lives in the State of Ohio, USA. With his wife and family, plus 4 dogs and menagerie of other animals. He has written  Poetry for most of his life. Covers everything from Faith, to Fantasies and Dreams Even a few Nightmares to stir the  pot. Enjoys writing Gothic Horror Tales, they let his imagination go to extremes. He has also written Short Stories

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