Thursday, November 1, 2018




Stars hold hands as they wink at the moon,
dancing with a twinkle to a mystical tune,
sun says hello as it brings the daylight,
moon says goodbye as it slides into night.

"Hello, hello, is anybody home?"
says the ruffled mind to the heart of stone,
it tries to bring some sunshine inside,
but the heart just wants in darkness to hide.

Too many hello's, too many goodbyes,
has taken its toll on the crying eyes,
the heart now waits for something more,
than a mere hello to make a score.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


Words are planted in our brain,
visions we see as possible gain,
we fill our hearts with kindling desires,
a little spark is all it requires.

A tiny flame is set alight,
which starts to grow with all its might,
reaches deep within our soul,
inspiring us to reach our goal.

Soon the flames are a burning fire,
fueling our spirit to fulfill our desire,
the need in us is now complete,
a hungry child that needs to eat.

With vigour and gusto we overcome,
all obstacles now become our fun,
we break them down to bite size pieces,
to find the truth that it releases.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


Islands in the ocean stand all alone,
with self sufficiency they brave the storm,
do all the things that are out of the norm,
there's no inclination to moan and groan.

So too mans abilities can be grown,
with generous competence we are born,
with virtues and values us to adorn,
the seeds of divinity to be sown.

Built on solid ground to brave life's weather,
carefully consider the earthly cost,
not by darkness to be pulled asunder.

The earth provides us with all its treasure,
it must wonder how we become so lost,
as it sadly endures all man plunder.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


MONICA MAARTENS: South African born, Zambian raised, swallowed by life, tossed and turned, rolled and ruffled, in and out of darkness and light now spilling forth in words of insight....

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