Thursday, November 1, 2018




She was pretty enough
To enlighten this world
Gloomy minds turned happy
When she smiles with her enigmatic touch
She was not Monalisa of Leonardo
But a beautiful flower of her family garden
Thorny experiences of life
Made her more wise
But how long she would tolerate
The storms of life!
Her fresh red colour changed into crimson
More bloody
More angry
Annoyed with this system
Where everyone desire for silken part
And not ready to compromise with the harsh side
They forget that Rose has to survive with throny destiny
That makes her more pretty
And she is a special piece
Created by divine!!
Varsha Saran@


I am like a crystalline white ray
And my divine is like a prism
Whenever I close my eyes
And start my prayers
With full intensity
I feel his gratitude
His kind gestures
His Suprema touch
When my white wishes enter into
That prism of love n bliss
Automatically it is divided into
Seven wonderful colours
A rainbow!
Look at me!
I ve done nothing
My divine changed my so called
Colour of ego and selfishness
Into colours of
Love,  brotherhood, peace
Courage, patience, caring attitude,
And universal love
My almighty is my prism
That discovered
The good qualities
The colours in me!!
Varsha Saran@


With all the kaleidoscope of my mind
I raise, I fall
And show my different reflections
According to time and circumstances
Every time I get
Multidimensional view of my personality
People appreciate my capabilities
And the glistening rays of my aura,
But they forget ,one  thing
Every time.....
That I am an ordinary soul
What I am here
Is the blessings of my divine
His shadow
Is enough to make me feel like a diamond,
Because he gave me difficult challenges
That cut the beautify the edges of my
And gave me strength n patience
To face all the ugly realities!!
Varsha Saran @copyright


VARSHA SARAN is bilingual poetess and writer, her many poems and stories have been published in different international Anthologies. She won many awards in writing competitions. She did her Post graduation from Ch. Charan Sing University Meerut.

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