Thursday, November 1, 2018




I looked up and there you were, entering the room!

My dream miraculously, coming into full bloom!

Where you a mirage, a figment of my imagination

I watched your every movement, with great anticipation!

So graceful, so poised, Elegant in every way!

Your radiance lit up my heart, I will surely pray!

Dare I move or breathe, you might vanish away!

The Vision before me captured my heart, in absolute sway!

As you move closer my heart is pounding,

I can't hardly breathe; the feeling is overwhelming!

Could it possibly be, that you are going to ask me!

I have never danced with a dream before!

In that moment in time when your eyes met mine,

Heaven on earth had begun to shine!

As I twirled you across the dance floor,

all I knew was I wanted to dance forevermore!
@Mary Lynn Luiz - July 29, 2018
All Rights Reserved by Poet


Oh, man do you not hear,

Your wife is crying many tears!

Oh, man do you not see,

your wife is hiding many fears!

Oh, man do you not feel,

your wife is longing for security!

Oh, man do you not regret,

Your wife is seeking dignity!

Oh, man do you not value,

Your wife is a source of pleasure!

Oh, man do you not cherish,

Your wife is a hidden treasure

Oh, man do you not know,

Your wife, she belongs to me!

Oh, man do you not know.

Your wife is earnestly seeking me!

Oh man, I hear, I see, I feel, I know

Your wife is pleading with Me!

Oh, man don't you know,

That one day you will answer to Me!
@Mary Lynn Luiz - June 25, 2018
All Rights Reserved by Poet


See how the birds sing, they never complain about anything!

They fly about singing their song, never worrying about what might go wrong!

No matter their circumstances, In sunshine or in rain their positivity remains!

Their joyous melodies fill the air, for those who appreciate and are aware!

We as humans could learn a lot, observing the birds how they fret not!

We too could continually sing, praising God for everything!

No matter what comes our way, we should continually give God praise!

Morning, noon, and night, we are never out of his sight!

Sing! Sing! Sing! Let your praises ring!

Sing in your sorrows, sing in your pain, sing without seeking anything!

Singing a song of Hope, that we avoid all slippery slopes!

Singing a song of Faith, Praising God for keeping us safe!

God inhabits the Praises of his people, so sing, dance, and be gleeful!

Let your heart sing a new song, building your faith to be strong!

Putting faith and trust, in God, to whom it belongs!

The God who created me! To Him, I belong! I will sing my song!

My heart will forever rejoice! With my mouth and my voice, I will sing!

Lifting Praise up to my Lord and King, I will with hope, continually sing!

My God How Great You Are! Mercy and Grace flow from Your Throne!

Your Song of Love I will Sing to The World! God, I sing of You Alone!

August 31, 2018

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