Thursday, November 1, 2018




Mornings are blissful beginnings,
Reflections of an image a day paints
With golden beams spilling over the hills.
Fragile buds turning into fresh blooms,
Chirping birds flying aimlessly in glee.
The surrounding awakened by the rooster's crow
Pearly dewdrops glisten on new-born leaves.

Even though few mornings are awfully shadowy
With an overlaid haze and gloom.
The sun wistfully hiding behind the murk,
A slumberous silence dominates
Diffusing an impression of melancholy,
Surrendering to the superiority of nature
One is enslaved to the illusion it creates.
The morning seems to be sealed by the
Shadows of dense and grey clouds.

Mornings depicts the range of colours
In which the day desires to be painted.
©Rumpa Ray-Ghosh


The sullen dark clouds overpower

The sky concealing the sun in its claws.

Horizon fades behind the curtain of fog,

The stubborn drops refuse to cease

Gloomy shadow engulfs the surrounding

The sky appears dismal with a haze.

Turbulent wind knocks the window pane,

Sombreness engulfs my mind on these murky days.

Birds flutter helplessly in the gusty moist wind

Hunting for a safe resting place.

People on road rush helter skelter

To reach their residential doorways.

Incessant downpour with an intense torrent

Compels my heart to yearn for dazzling sunrays.

The nature desires to bathe in the golden beams of sun

And revitalize in the radiant warmth to begin a new phase.
©Rumpa Ray-Ghosh


Downtrodden in the forest floor
It remembers the days of glory.
Once it flourished on the overhanging branches
Swayed cheerfully with the playful breeze,
Rustling through the thick forest
It used to glow, forming a lush green shade
Underneath the shimmering sunbeams,
It mingled with the fragrant flowers in neighbourhood.
Graced the beauty of the vast woods
Withstanding the hot, humid and cold wind.
Subsequently it is destined to depart
From the source it had sprouted once.
With a fragile essence, it lays unnoticed
Apprehensive of getting crushed
Or being carried faraway
To a distant land by a gusty wind.
©Rumpa Ray-Ghosh


RUMPA RAY GHOSH: Rumpa Ray Ghosh is a published poet, a content writer, a blogger and a teacher. By passion, she is a singer. She is a post-graduate and B.Ed. from Calcutta University. She has worked as a teacher in St. Thomas School, as a content-writer for ‘Pratham’ (NGO) and as an English curriculum developer in Vibgyor High School, Mumbai.

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