Thursday, November 1, 2018




It's a rare and precious moment
When you realize what you have gained
In your musical sense of love and friendship
But completeness of our souls~
When I play I see notes floating
In truth we see it all~
The music helps sees the stranger
That gives a little of herself
When music plays softly spoken
That brings a tear to someone's eyes~
We never miss the music
That overflows when hearing
For the first time the truth oh someone's
So, if you are feeling blue. Listen to the notes
It's a rare and precious moment
When we realized we've gained
Not only love and friendship
But complete notes of love to our
Debbie Brooks (c)


This spirit of yours has stolen my heart
There is one thing I must tell you~
You are your own art
your words are like a beautiful dance
with the moon risen
prayers on your lips
your hands held in prayer
your innocence is so powerful
you thank God for everything
your spirit belongs to God
the GREAT I AM!!
Do you see this beautiful face?
do you see those brown eyes of hope
this granddaughter of mine
is Ms. Faith Lindquist
a magnificent title of beautiful thoughts
the world has yet to see
you are a canvas that God paints upon
that speaks His thoughts which people ponder on~
You write them into the minds of who would hear
and on the bindings within your walls
This world you discover your life
a various way of words, songs and pure sweet love.
You belong to our most marvelous GOD!!
Debbie Brooks (c) August 1 2018


It used to be a natural flower
It grew in the strangest weather
The petals blossomed
And drew love from its presence
With a measure of thoughts
Thoughts of confidence
Grows to a beautiful white rose~
A white rose that brings a belief of inner strength
A star among roses
That dances among the lilies
That takes a bow
Is this magnificent white rose~
Debbie Brooks (c)


DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFOR : Deborah is an Author of fifty-four books and a poetess, V.P. and co-owner of WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS, LLC, and the monthly Magazine.

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