Thursday, November 1, 2018




Sometimes we fear our own ignorance
Afraid to speak about the secrets we keep
River of leaks causes such heartache
People seeing you as being weak
When I speak about the darkness I keep
The light will blind the mind of those who know,          
they too have lived in the shadows
Unacceptable secrets, or the strength of our weakness?
Emotions playing with our minds at different times
Something to fear or something to reveal
Acceptable secrets, or the ignorance of our weakness?


Heart feels the rapid climb
Emotions calculate time
Faded center stage stories
Pang of tears barren glory
Fame can hide the truth or lie
Detached rose surly dies
Luminous memories anguished sigh
Empty vase run dry
Soft spoken words fill the sky
Remembering true love slipped by.


Knowing, accepting life’s true treasure
Each holding endings with beginnings
Flaws caressing discovery
The perfect win anticipated in solidarity
Reflections soon formulate a future
Leaving behind our defined dust
From which the wind graciously names
For others to remember or to forget
Different name a different place
Wheels which turn shape our fate
Only within it, we create the triangle
Then again, it can only spin


MARSHA L CENICEROS is a creative entrepreneur, accomplished author, and poet who calls the Inland Empire home. Throughout the course of her writing career, she has been featured in an array of radio interviews, such as Eleanor’s Elite Radio - Radio Host Eleanora Rubino-Erdogan, Speak Up Talk Radio & Those Radio Kids - Radio Host Pat Rullo, Who’s Hot Orlando - Radio Host Lisa Sue, KCAA RADIO, iHeart, iTunes, Speaker, STITCHER, and Tunien. Most recently, she accepted a speaking engagement at CJUSD Family Reading Con, sharing valuable information along the creation of characterization of science fiction writing. As a long time author, Marsha has a multitude of different fiction and non-fiction genres, including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Crime Thrillers, and Poetry. Eclectic, yet focused in her approach, the stories she pens are astounding, within all her genres she never failed to instigate inner awakening and offer new perspectives that capture her reader’s heart. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Marsha’s affinity for storytelling began the moment she picked up Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” during first grade while visiting a library with her class. She’s been reading and writing from that point forward, and has been an author since 1998. Marsha has won various awards in Poetry, including a book cover contest in 2017 for “God Answered Me - Chapter Two.” Marsha’s unique talent presented five-star reviews from Readers Favorite. Sadana 999, Precedence-Bondage is Part of The Game and Perçu. Marsha is not merely a faith-driven woman; she is a household-oriented person who cherishes nothing more than spending quality time with her loved ones. Writing and family are her greatest loves. To find out more about Marsha L Ceniceros both creatively and personally, follow her on social media.

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