Monday, April 1, 2019




If I give you my heart ...
You give me a baby smile ...
A seedling, that the run fondles...
Or, a crawl, in a grove and  mountain ..
If I give you my heart ...
A kite, will fly to the sky?
Will you convolve a crown with flowers?
Like the sun, will shine the face of a child?
If my heart, worth as the joy of a child ...
And will play on meadows and squares
It will dive into crystalline water,
I would love to give it again and again ...
If you want, to give you my heart ...
Can you do me a favor?!
Stop a war, where possible!
Or at least, destroy a bunker!
© Adriatik Jaçe
All copyrights are reserved
Date: 03/01/2019


Do you know what happens to a bee?
When the  dawn,kick the night..
When  the sun, burps ...
It grabs her backpack throws it on her neck
It flying on flowers and meadows...
Without hope for another dawn ...
© Adriatik Jaçe
All copyrights are reserved
Date: 27.02.2019.


If the world, it would be gray.
Cold, white, sunless.
Everything would be frozen allover
Everything would  becomes blacken...
If the world had only the sun,
The water will soon disappear ...
The world, with covered by sand
The desert will conquer everything ...
If,we would eliminate the creatures from world
Insects, animals, species ...
Everything, in it will   be whiff
Everything,would be barren
Love every tiny plant!
Love that bee, on the flowers!
Love the water, any single drops
And the land where you walk, love it !!!
It doesn't hurts only me if air infests ...
It doesn't hurts only me  if damage the forests  ...
It does not hurt me only, if the water misuses ...
It doesn't hurts only me,if you kill, the living creatures  ...
... cut the branch of the tree where your feet stand ...
© Adriatik Jaçe
All copyrights are reserved
Date: 02/26/2019.


Climbing jasmine, occupy the house gate ...
So I know, my house is alive
Do not leave it closed, keep it open.
Cheerful house, where my mother waits for me
You nettle, which once did not dare,
Cover, full of the courtyard.
And you thorny bush, then you didn't existe
Surround, ollover the balcony ..

You walls, did cry so much...
And tears, the heart, have bursts you ..
How much you're ruined destroyed ..
From bone pain you are distended.
The black sand strong roof
You never cared was sun or storm...
You protected and secured our love.
Have the tears of abandonment demolished you?!
Once, here, a vine shaded the yard.
Hanged the honey clusters on the balcony ..
At the end of the stairs, a fragrance mossrose  ..
Flecked, and mother make the jummy jams...

The stairs, a whole wracked
Such as stones ... like a fortress ..
How much they held on the back
How much joy and pain is there ...
The house is returning to rubble
Thorns are in hurry to cover it ..
Once it was so big, plentiful
Eh today, shad tears, aged and speechless ....
© Adriatik Jaçe
All copyrights are reserved
Date: 02/23/2019.


World, written in these two lips ..
Purple and hot flame
Filled with lust and heat
Like fiery roses, red

When sweetly close as a spring aura ...
Kissing my burn lips
Winter turns on summer
Feather i feel, from your kiss.

When we weld lips, in a orbid ...
Eyes writhing, absorbed nectar
The whole cosmos let it go
I am your ember and you are the fire.
© Adriatik Jaçe
All copyrights are reserved
Date: 02/19/2019.


ADRIATIK JAÇE was born on 21.05.1971 in Përmet. After graduating from high school, he continued his studies in Tirana University. The passion for literature started when he was very young, passion which it grow throw years, as well as numerous reading, was transformed into poetry and creative spirit. Poetic dimension touches the highest peaks, has beautiful colors, deep meanings and furthermore express the idea  that goes beyond limits of himself. His purpose is to represent world's peace and human integrity His occupation is Military and Business Administration. His works has been published in various magazines. He has also won numerous awards.

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