Monday, April 1, 2019




The train runs fast
I can see from the window
the trees quickly dropping out of sight
the sky is bright and
I’ve just finished reading
some pages from a book I love
the waggon is empty and
I put myself comfortably sitting
my head bent toward the window
I can enjoy the beautiful weather
and my solitude
the gaze wandering away
great the will to free my mind
from all thoughts

The trees the houses
and the mountains immediately disappear as
facts and circumstances
men and women
I bumped into with

It's like watching slides of a movie
their hasty flow
as pages of my life itself
already spent
already faded away
@ Maria Miraglia


All the nice people I met in life
who smiled at me
shared with me moments of their lives
in bad and good times
are my valentines
Those who opened their hearts
revealed their secrets
and knew how to listen to mine
those who like me
love contemplating sunsets and sunrises
are my valentines
And all those who held
my same passions and ideals
of peace and freedom
and still are ready there
to fight for them
are my valentines
I open my arms to life
and to all those who treasure it
and love the people
who look at the birds of heaven
and the fishes of all the seas
with human compassion
that watch a little daisy
and can feel wonder
@ Maria Miraglia


Everything remains still
I do not hear the breath
of the wind
among the leaves
the clouds up there
as painted
stay suspended in the sky
distant the memories
of the harmonious melodies
of the birds in the sky
stained with pink and azure
in the morning
the smell of the wet earth
the drops of dew
on the thousand flowers
scattered in the endless fields
Come from afar
sounds and noises
like of a band
of improvised musicians
the dust of fumes
darkening the air
the acrid smell
of the bombs
of the bodies
meal of worms
And silent are Men
closed have their mouths
aware or not
of their guilty silences
without expressions
their eyes
looking afar
maybe waiting
for…….a Godot


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