Monday, April 1, 2019




A poem at night
is a stolen kiss
that turns that memory
into a huge hurricane.
A poem at night
Becomes melody – scans time,
eliminating space.
A poem by night
is a haiku of love
that colors
my infinte
sea of hope


I'il write you soon.
We will follow your soul
But I lost my soul.
I will pursue your gaze
And I will live in my dreams


You can breathe a star
When you feel like summer
In the most beautiful air
Scent of peace.
You can drain your sky
When there is incessant rain.
Now breathe that Sunrise
While you wait for a star


ANNA FERRIERO, born in Pollena Trocchia (NA) on 25 – 04 – 1994, resides for years in Torre del Greco (NA). Since she was a child she cultivates her passion for literature, history especially the Greek one and the origins of the world. Beginning at the age of 6 years to experience curiosity for musical instruments, will be chosen to follow a course of flute and, later, Pianola. He studied classical, modern and contemporary dance. He attended several rounds of psychotherapy seminars. As a self-taught he studied the life of the Saints (especially Oriental). Art is also the background to its university course. His dreams in the drawer are three: traveling the world discovering new uses and costumes and making known his verses, living in Ireland and mastering with English, being an actress. She's passionate about English literature. In his spare time he loves to devote himself to fashion. His style icons are Lady D., Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron. From 2005 it has correspondences with the British royal house and the Spanish royal house.

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