Monday, April 1, 2019




After the rain
On an island of love
I have seen
the seventh color
Yes, I have seen
a rainbow with seven colors
And I who thought
that there were only six
Yes, I who thought
that there were only six
But really – I have seen
that there is one more
The color I have seen
has no name
has no designation
has no symbol
The color
that everyone can see
As long as they have love
within them
The color
that everyone can see
As long as they feel
that they are part of the universe
The color that creates security
The color that gives meaning to life
gives life its meaning
This day – when I have seen
The seventh color of the rainbow
On my island of love
This day – I felt happy
And at ease with myself
Happy and at ease with my life


With fragrance from all the beautiful flowers of spring
Is born today
At seven o’clock this morning
Here in our garden
A wonderful, incredible feeling
Has filled my heart
When I saw the happy smile of the sun
And when the lovely greenery
The tiny little brook
Has already whispered – babbled -  squeeled
About the arrival of freedom in my life
I have felt for a long time
It would happen right here
Here in this little village of Svenstorp
Here I can bloom with my words
And the power of thoughts
On a piece of new cut paper
Here I feel I am relieved of
The straight-jacket of the city
Here, where I feel
That freedom smells delicious
Smells like all the beautiful flowers of spring
Just like a new life begins again
From the world to Svenstorp
To the arms of the safe and secure countryside
Where meadows bloom
Where the wings of trees
Move my thoughts
To the real world
Where the brook is whispering


I was awakened by a poem
It sat by my bedside
on my bedside – right beside me
While the morning woke drowsy and slowly
I saw it bright and clear
It sparkled like chrystal clear
It was filled with wonderful words
‘Til now they all had dwelled
Captured in my thoughts
Those words I’ve wished to write
for oh, so long ago
About the two red roses
standing in the little green bottle
Roses – that became symbols
for love and security
Roses – that became beacons
for love, hope and faith
Roses – that actually
just don’t need to say
anything at all
I could feel
that it was a poem of love
I want to tell it
to the one I love with all my heart
And regardless if the poem
reflects my inner thoughts
or just some ordinary things
Still - the two red roses
Still became a poem!


A poem of spring is being born
On a lovely sunny day
I have seen it!
It was slowly floating
Just above cold winters’ ground
Swept in a clear morning dew
Surrounded by beautiful colors of spring
The most beautiful colors you ever saw
Sweet scented by lovely fragrance of spring
The most lovely you ever felt
Described in beautiful words of spring
The most beautiful you ever heard
Mother earth ha awakened
She stretches out her arms
And reaches for the sun
Gently she captures the poem of spring
And kisses each and every word
Now finally – spring has arrived!


You have come to earth
For just a tiny little moment
And you shouldn’t feel sorry for that
You should take care of time
Bend your knees – breath in
All the fragrances of earth
It is life – that smells
It is life – that pulsates
Without the earth
The flowers couldn’t bloom
Without the earth
There shouldn’t be no life
You shouldn’t be
In such a hurry with things
It’s quite enough
To close your eyes
for just a moment
Take a look inside yourself
And admire what is there
And admire what you see
Just because you have come to earth
for just a tiny little moment
You just do not have all the time
All the time in the world


JOANNA SVENSSON JOSEFSSON. She is a Swedish author and poet who write under the name of Joanna Svensson. Although she was born in Warszawa, she has lived most of her life in Sweden and Germany. She writes in three different languages – swedish, polish and german. Among her production are two fiction novels – part one and two in a trilogy – the third is on its way. Furthermore is a book of poetry in German and two poetry books in Swedish of which the first one is already being translated into English by her husband, who is a language teacher and graphic designer. She has participated in several anthologies and she is very active in both Swedish and polish literature society. She also gives lectures on the subject of “Prosperity and success with dyslexia.” She focuses on both teenagers and grown-ups. Because dyslexia should not be an obstacle – it is an advantage!

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