Monday, April 1, 2019




I hold my jar up to the sky
with its sunset vermillion scattered clouds
trying to capture the universe
the beams of starlight floating in the air
and the globes of the planets out of my sight
and yet somehow their essence
shines above and I try so hard
to squeeze it inside of my glass jar
but all i can see is the brilliance of
the turquoise outer realm
too distant for me to attain
and realize I can never contain
the enormity of the universe
but I can only hope that
some of its splendor will seep
into my soul as I gaze in wonder
at the expanse above me.
Copyright 2019 by Barbara Ehrentreu


After the vernal equinox people’s thoughts
turn to venereal pleasures as the
bursting blooms create the desire to
seek out new adventures in the
vernal splendor of each day

This invisible force appears as the aroma
of the newly grown grass merges with
the sweet smells of blossoming trees
creating an urge to explore and an
indescribable feeling that something
is waiting – an unknown that will be amazing

Maybe this time he or she will meet the
one and fly together like butterflies
mating in the air as they follow their own urges
And maybe a butterfly is the best example of this
vernal urge as it struggles from caterpillar body
to cocoon until at last it springs forth as a
multicolored beauty with gossamer wings

Do butterflies feel that quickening of their pulses
from the warm breeze flowing on their wings?
Humans follow their urges as they explore
Visiting here and there to search for the one
who will make them feel complete

Perhaps it will happen as they listen to a piano concerto
with someone new who is there as an experiment
to test the water and see if this one is the right fit
Much as one sorts through an assortment of music
to find the piece that will speak to them the most

Butterflies flitter over many until they find the right mates
and procreate without protection -- without heed of venereal disease
And perhaps if the moment is right a human may find a
suitable mate –one who speaks to the source of their desire
and if they are lucky – one who will make them feel complete

Remembering vernal days of my late teens
when life had strong possibilities and I had yet to find
my one – the rush of unknown adventures flooded my senses
as I breathed in the heady spring air
And I wanted to fly away
with this unknown excitement burning inside
as if being pulled to the center of the sun

The giddy wonder of finally finding my someone
and realizing he would complete me
as the vernal days wrapped us in their wonder
and we succumbed to the glory of the flowers.
Copyright 2018 by Barbara Ehrentreu


Watch a leaf float down the river
It’s not controlled by anything but the current
pushing it in the direction of the flow
Not caring for the desires of the leaf
Though leaves have no desires
except to grow and then are tossed
away to disintegrate in the soil or the water

My life has felt a little like that at times
As if something or someone were
moving me without my knowledge
toward a destination unknown
And I have drifted in solitude

as each new experience
moves me ever closer to that far off place
I ride the current
as if I were surfboarding
Ducking the waves as they
form around me from the
wake of the thing that is
propelling me along this
river of life and never once
taking my hands off the reins
as I swerve and glide over the bumps

Life is driving the boat that is pulling me along
And many times, though I would like to yell, Stop!
This captain does not listen but continues
blissfully onward no matter the barriers
And I the rider hang on as I careen
joyfully on the obstacle-strewn waters
surrounding me on my journey
Copyright 2019 by Barbara Ehrentreu


BARBARA EHRENTREU: Barbara, a retired teacher with a Masters degree in Reading and Writing K-12 and seventeen years of teaching experience lives with her family in Stamford, Connecticut. She has been a Staff Editor for 4RV Publications for six years and also works as an editor for 3BPress. She has edited both children’s and adult works. Her young adult novels: If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor and After are published by Muse It Up Publishing. A poetry book in memory to her husband: You’ll Probably Forget Me: Living With and Without Hal was published by Wildfire Publications. Her romantic short screenplay won First Prize and Runner Up this summer at film festivals. She is the Chief Administrator for the U S for Motivational Strips on Facebook. She is a member of Greenwich Pen Women and SCBWI.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous work, exquisite diction and themes!

  2. Thank you Cynthia!!! I love that you see my diction!😊❤️

  3. Thank you so much Caryn! I only write about things that affect me so everything I write is important to me😊❤️