Wednesday, May 1, 2019




Take back everything I have
The colourful world, the galaxy of beauties
The pompous life and glamorous gadgets

But let me go back to that romantic era
The era of the of the primitive savage
Where man was true to himself
And lead a life, full and contented

Take me back to the world of
Gods and Goddesses, ghost and fairies
For I want to have a romance
With all that I believe

Let me have the mind of a child
Pure and unalloyed free from
Pride and prejudice, hatred and jealousy
For I want to live and remain true to myself

Let me have the eyes to see the world
As it is, a touching heart to reciprocate
And a beautiful mind to feel every bit of it
copy right@smrutiranjan 2.6.2015


is the language of love
it speaks a lot
which a palpitating heart
can never fathom
rapid breaths
can never feel
and drooping eyes
can ever find

Love matures
over the years
when one loses
in the other
the body never
craves for another
and the heart
meets the heart
eyes look at
each other

Love and lust
are step sisters
can never co exist
they run
parallel to each other

Love unfolds
in silence
when two beings
become one
and work in tandem
have a single pair of eyes
to look at the world
a beautiful heart
which beats and beats
for the sake of love and love
copy right@smrutiranjan 3.6 2015


You were there
When non was with
You will be there
When non will be

In between
From cradle to the grave
You were all along
Looking at me with loving eyes
Caring for my needs
But never interfering
Leaving me to live on
My own wishe

I lost touch with you
Fooled myself with
Your lovely gadgets
My independent wish
And made life
A horrible mess

My Lord
Forgive and
Give me
One more birth
To meditate and pray
And promise
Not to tag me
In your cosmic maya
Once again
copyright@smrutiranjan 4.6 2015


SMRUTIRANJANMOHANTY: Son of Raj Kishore and ShantilataMohanty, born at Padmapur, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha on 1.1.1963 is a multilingual poet, essayist and writer. He is a published poet and writer and a featured poet of PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry. His writings include essays, short stories, poems and novels which are published in newspapers and in various national and international magazines, journals and anthologies. Working as Finance Officer in Govt of Odisha, he writes   extensively on life, its beauty and intricacies which are widely acclaimed Poems are published in Mother Anthology by Hall of Poets, Voices of Aspirants by Poetry Planet, Mother by Poetry for Peace, Let the men speak for peace, Aroma of wilting petals, Anupam Bharat,  Sourav, The Rock Pebbles, Symphony of Souls, Serious &Hilarious, Heartistry, World poetry on let there be peace, Complexion based discrimination global insight, Thought and Nature Anthology, New Creative Anteriority, Spring Window to peace, Love at first sight, Spilling Essences, You and Me, A new beginning, Heart to Heart, Only you, My Valentine, Whispering Hearts, Poetic Rainbow, Fragrance of Asia, The Harmony, SahityaAnand, East meets the West, Symphony of Peace, Pearls of Poesy, Ambrosia etc. Poems are also featured in online magazines like, our poetry archive, GloMag etc. and in

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