Wednesday, May 1, 2019




Above and beyond,
The vast sea
The azure sky.
How they try
to meet
at the end of horizon!
The blowing breeze
Loud whispers
Intense talks
Unbiased signatories
The panoramic hue
Momentarily takes over
Heart and mind
The lone boat
Moving with the flow
Striving hard
to seize the scurry
The ember colour
stakes over
The ebb and flow
Pondering deep
Rumbling heart,
remains deprived.
The ruffling sea waves
seems baffled too
As if in agitation
both keep crashing
against the walls
of heart and sea shore!


Oh! mother there's none like you,
The torment and pain that you bear during labour,
can anyone else go through and sustain life as you do!
You get joyous, discarding the pain
as soon as thy hold the child in your loving embrace
A beautiful creator thou are,
Creating the most beautiful sculpture ever
The craftsmen of blood and flesh

To brace life to the new-born.
Offers herself sustainably.
devoid of any fatigue or curb
depriving self with unending sleepless nights
Taking care
doing the duties
playing and asserting.
Yes, thy child is the most beautiful of all.
She teaches
she deploys
various moral virtues .
to the apple of her eyes.
trying high
she do imply,
and raise a virtuous child
in the world of eccentric attributes.
That which changes colour, with every passing time !


Dear Durga give us a boon to be the fire,

not to be an abla nari and sheepish anymore.

Having the courage to speak profusely

and stand against the injustices done.

Giving a tight slap, punching or kicking hard,

having the vigour to blow up the maniacs self.

To be Shakti the daring rebel!

Who doesn't choose a date in times ahead,

instead she have the courage to revolt instant,

silencing the evil on the spot!


MADHU JAISWAL is a poet, writer and social worker hailing from Kolkata India. Her work has been published in various national and international anthologies and is regularly featured in popular literary magazines, blogs and e-zines. She has co-edited two anthologies named Scintillating Scions and Are We Mere Spectators? Writing had let this homemaker, explore and unfurl her inner self, expressing her emotions and ideologies with the outer world. Madhu is a friendly and compassionate person who believes in spreading humanity. According to her; hope, belief and perseverance are the powerful mantras that lead us towards abundance and success in life. She can be contacted at

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