Wednesday, May 1, 2019




If  Silence speaks
Then truly I hear the thunder it breaths
If silence roars
Then I can feel my trembling throb
Weaving  a  cobweb inside my pulse
If silence sings the melody
Then honestly my arteries dances accordingly
When silence heave
Heart  sinks
Words pour out loud to speak
With volume..


Oh dear Blood….
Oh red particles , I am afraid of thee
I nurture thee
I make you  grow
Refine you with incentives that the doctors show
I love you ,when my haemoglobin is on rise
I hate you ,when you flaunt on the streets to display your might
I fear you when drops from eyes soak my chest
I curse you ,when you waste yourself in the carnage
I  want you, to maintain my health
But I don’t want anyone to lose  you in the bloodshed
I toil hard ,eat nuts, sprouts ,vitamins  and minerals to enrich your quantity
And quality
Your  colour I relate with my love with variety
You are dearer to me even in severity
Then why ? why?
Humans deploy you as the symbol of brevity.


I am oscillating  within the torrents
Of current and under current
Some similar and dissimilar images
Flash in my inward eye
To recollect  the faded flora and fauna
In the basket of bask
Refreshing me with its tingling sound
The parable unheard
The music unsung
The  discoloured  thread  is inhaling oxygen
Getting back its colour
From black to blue
From grey to red
The intoxicating melody
And the  ethereal beauty
Of the looming thread
Is the creator of  dexterity
The impressive tinge is comforting
And wiping  the  mount up particles from the panorama


LOPAMUDRA MISHRA, A native of puri, now residing in Bhubaneswar Orissa, She completed her graduation {English Hons} from Sailabala Women’s college Cuttack,And post –graduation    { English} from Ravenshaw University Cuttack. Her fascination for  writing came from her grandfather  and father from an early age. Writing for her is the powerful medium of expression. Her  poems  have been  published in many magazines and anthologies. Her first book “Rhyme Of Rain” was published in march 2017, second book “First Rain” in august 2017 and her third book- Tingling Parables in May 2018.

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