Wednesday, May 1, 2019




Where there is love,
for all race, class and ethnicity.
Where there is respect,
for every community.
Where there is equality,
for all gender.
Where there is mutual-cooperation,
among all nationalities

Where there are no barriers,
of religion, caste and country
and people live in harmonic coexistence.
Where law is equal for all citizens,
irrespective of any divisions on
ethnic, national, religious or linguistic
Where there is harmony,
between majority and minorities.

Where there is no distinction,
of class and money.
Where conflicts are solved
with peaceful methods.
Where all kinds of worldly fragmentation
are sensitively consolidated.

Where pen is not bound,
to write against one’s wishes.
Where tongue is not tied,
to speak truth.
Where mind is working,
with no fear of execution.
Where every dignified head
is always high.
Where knowledge is transmitted,
with no commercial interest.

Let us build such world,
which rests on principles of,
peace, love and harmony,
for every individuals on this earth.


Walking and walking many miles around,
on the untrodden path,
searching for a route,
in an unplanned way,
don’t know where will I land?
Will it be my destination?
or just a part of journey
embarking to walk further
in a more dexterous way,
to reach a destination not dreamt.


It’s no use dwelling after you
because you are a myth
far away from reality
never to come back
It’s not pessimism
but your actions
which speaks more
than your words
I was a fool to follow a myth
realizing it very late
I have to bury everything
which you have stir in me
by your fake emotions
and concern
though impossible


Chaos, chaos everywhere chaos
leading towards catastrophes’
people panicking
not able to handle
current situation
revolving themselves
day and night
towards material possession
more than requirements
without any patience
making themselves obsessed
just for mere attainment
of physical needs.


Life seems to be hide and seek
ventilating the hidden paths
closing already opened doors
surprising at every ends
sometimes deceptive
sometimes unbelievable
like a game of hide and seek
when one never know
which path to venture
for attaining destination~


Dr. SHAMENAZ is the Author, Co-Author and Editor of 13 Books, Silences and Survival of Indian Women in Shashi Deshpande’s Fiction, Golden Bridge, Poems on Partition Literature, A Visit to the Ruins of the Vijayanagar Empire at Hampi, Women Poets: Within and Beyond Shore Volume I, II & III, Verses on Racism, Resistance and Refugee Crisis Vol I, Gender Studies: Fragmentation and Formation, Shades of Life, The Celebration of Our Voices, Trends, Issues and Implications in Asian Women Writing, and Feeling for You. She is currently teaching English Literature at Rajarshi Tandon Mahila Mahavidhyalaya, Allahabad. She has taught English Literature and Language at S. S. Khanna Girls’ Degree College, Ewing Christian College, Allahabad University and AIET, Allahabad. With a D. Phil in English Literature from the University of Allahabad, she has professional experience for more than 15 years. She has contributed poems to many international Poetry Magazines & Anthologies like Women of Substance, Raven Cage Magazine, Poetry Archive, Women of Reflection, Women of Passion, Poetic Souls, Feeling International, Hope Reborn and Glomag. She is a member of the Editorial Board of many international journals, including Angloamericanae Journal (Macedonia), KJHSS (Azerbaijan) Anglisticum (Macedonia), IJRHS (Jordan), Cyber Literature: An Online Journal, The Context, English Literator Society, Literary Miscellany, Research Access & Expressions, Levure Litteraire (France-Germany-USA). She regularly contributes articles to Web magazines -, and Her blogs are:,

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  1. Me encantó leer Somos una familia multicultural pues habla de la unión de los poetas sin distinción