Wednesday, May 1, 2019




On a cancer patient after she had to shave her head due to chemotherapy
Welcome, light, coming through the window
Fall softly on my eyes
Remind me of dawn coming after the dawn
The sun and its countless dawns
Welcome, the sights, soothing my eyes
Of curtain and pots and plants
Familiar, and the world outside
Sing to me, of green and new lives
Welcome, the breeze, that gently comes
Into my room and caresses
My head and skin
With no barrier now between
Sing to me of light breathing life into yonder
Of light and breeze giving me, again, head cover'
Rapt, unseen, the thoughts behind your eyes
Over and over in circles, swim like fishes
Swim where the light is, gain strength where the shade is
Energizing, to help you overcome your plight


On the nude photo of a male friend
When Michaelangelo sculpted David
When he painted Adam on the chapel's ceiling
Yeats said it was for girls at puberty
To find the first Adam in their fantasy
Mapplethorpe oft used the male nude
To make the same point, in ebony
That while all cats may be in the dark, grey
All women aren't, or all men
Do not demonize, do not eroticize
Do not criticizie, do not glamorize
Rather, valorise my art that tries
Off-beat, to not objectify
Something we all want to sexualize/sensualize
Eyes blind. But here stands Mars without his arms.


I do not kiss your photograph
Your eyes are glazed like a dead fish's
I want more than a mimeograph
Give me lies, truth, lows, middles, highs.
I do not worship your idol
To which one can only talk
No word from it can I, in return, cull
It has feet but cannot walk
Goddesses are rare, and one precious
Hands have they, but they want caresses
Rose dancing on the cusp of nothingness
One is worth the manifold
Seeing your breasts are a pair of lights
Every time on their grace I (have to) keep a tight hold


"Dr. AMPAT KOSHY is a seasoned poet whose CV is peppered with numerous books and publications. He has written seven of those books and co-written four other books. This freethinking and unconventional doctor has edited and contributed to several anthologies that would read as a virtual countdown of the world’s best literary works. He wrote a seminal book on Samuel Beckett, the Irish avant-garde novelist, playwright, theatre director, poet, and literary translator. It is entitled: Samuel Beckett's English Poetry: Transcending the Roots of Resistance in Language. When Dr. Koshy was a kid, he won an international prize for poetry. He made a mark as a Pushcart nominee for poetry in 2011. The Pushcart Prize is an American literary prize published by Pushcart Press that honours the best "poetry, short fiction, essays or literary whatnot." After that, he won several awards for writing as critic, academic and poet. However his crowning glory so far was being adjudged best academician this year in his university, Jazan University, Saudi Arabia, where he teaches presently as an Assistant Professor. He is presently working on a novel, a film script, as well as grinding hard as editor for a book of essays and four or five collections of poetry etc. His books have been to Frankfurt, London, Dubai and Turkey, not to mention Indonesia and the short stories collection Scream and Other Urbane Legends have been shortlisted in the Hindu Literary Prize. He has also written online and offline in anthologies etc…basically, if achievement is a muscle, then he is muscle-bound! Above all else his zest for love, life, wife, wine, women, family, the grim reaper, romance, sex, God, autism and song inspire him to write potently and prolifically."


  1. Superb expression Ampat Sir !

  2. No beso tu fotografia
    Tus ojos están vidriosos como los de un pez muerto. (muy gráfico y bello)