Wednesday, May 1, 2019




A beautiful platform shared by all,
Irrespective of diversity standing tall,
Like a golden harvest willingly fall,
Authors together in a fraternity hall.

Love in each heart holding hands,
Coming from corners of different lands,
Walking feet rest leisurely on beach sands,
Globe hugs on the wrists with love bands.

Fragrance of faces beaming with smiles,
Friends spreading memories in vivid files,
Meeting virtual in reality without any guiles,
Poets wrapped in rhymes miles after miles.

Moments captured unrestrained profusely,
Every mobile clicks gestures emotionally,
Mistakes that were made unintentially,
Plans often mislaid in the past forgetfully.

What you've kept in your unconscious mind,
Is the beautiful people you will rewind,
As a part of make believe fantasy you find,
Are a part of past that makes life worthwhile.

A wishful thinking of friendship earned,
Tears of departure where love is concerned,
Life has been great with friends that we made,
Who live unafraid for a unique world to create.


Give and take is a bridge of life,
Read and review with kind vibes,
Wrapping a gift is not enough,
Bestowing it with love is the crux.

A positive response has an impact,
Like or love with awesome tact,
A benevolent mind is always intact,
Uplifting the spirit of writers in fact.

Let's go an extra mile to bring a smile,
On the face of a poet's face for a while,
Write few words you've felt with style,
That writings are not to be restored in a file.

There are millions of readers touched by words,
Experience of one arouses many souls,
Courage to deal in strife without swords,
Shields crying hearts to patience uphold.

A light and source of bountiful energy,
A much needed quality of human courtesy,
Radiating affection in empathetic nobility,
A philosophy of practicing philanthropy.

Feedbacks are a must for literary excellence,
It goes long way with constructive consequence,
Writers and poets are gem of a person ,
When we read and respond with genuine presence.


Life is a meaningful dance of continuous change,
So let's dance a little more like a river flowing,
Let's move and shake steps in a crazy range,
Dance till body is no longer rigid, flexibly rolling.

Watch a dancer melt and merge with the cosmos,
Dance till your boundaries are no longer clear,
Like limitless sky and bottomless ocean,
Energy neither fixed nor in form steers.

Simply dance till you become more alive,
The head disappears inside again you are a child,
Then there are no problems or solutions to dive,
The phenomenonal merge into a soul divine.

Dance to orgasm of infinite bursting flames,
Ignite your whole being in a planetary game,
The galaxy of stars joins in a moving trail,
Creating beautiful patterns of movement to fame.

Celebrate your life, don't be a miser,
Dance away your anxiety to a life of celebrity,
Love your moving energy like a vivid picture,
Life knows no ego but rejoices in festivity.

Paint the chorus of harmony with your strides,
Glow like the fireflies flying in celestial nights,
Wrap you self to hug like raindrops with tides,
Like moonlight gleam dance to eternal lights.


Make your identity a festival,
A person of sheer elegance,
Carrying joy in your action,
Vibrate positivity in each fraction.

Disappointments sadly favoured,
Hidden resentments harboured,
Forgivenes has to be laboured,
Live a life gracefully flavoured.

Desires keep flying in the skies,
Worries keep daunting our minds,
Tensions build in torn vicinity,
Let them not disturb our serenity.

Lamentation is a waste of time,
Devastation happens with a rhyme,
Endless procrastination is a crime,
Dreams progress without any dime.

From rising  dawn to sunsets,
Stop making long list of regrets,
Shine with the glowing sunshine,
Jump in the tides of time to get wet.


Be the light which shines brightly in dark,
No adversity can take away such spark,
Sojourn of soul is nearing its destination,
Sublime flame is grateful in celebration.

May your family be united forever,
Distance is not a hindrance or matters,
When care and support is for each other,
What is important is hearts are together.

Lights of affection is a flame to glow,
Silent symbol of understanding flow,
Seeds of friendship deeply sow,
A harvest of golden grace will grow.

Bury all negativity of mind for life,
Break all barriers of hatred to strive,
Borderless compassion in any strife,
Humankind shall only then thrive.

I wish you all joy in real affinity,
May you rejoice in peace abundantly,
Be wealthy and wise in prosperity
Take care of yourself and be healthy.


JYOTIRMAYA THAKUR: Author of twelve original Poetry books,  World Poet Laureate and Peace Icon ,Jyotirmaya Thakur is the first Indian born poetess to be published by Real Vision Aspirant Writers Publication, UK. An award winning author and poet ,she has served as a Vice -Principal (retired ) of an International school in India, an editor, reviewer, researcher, columnist, public speaker, Reiki Master , Spiritual and social activist. She is currently Project Head and Chief editor of East India for Impish Lass Publication. She is the President of Prose Poetry Writers Group of -ARCS- magazine, National Director of Public Relations and Communications of Union Hispano Mundial de Escritores, Peru, in India . Chief counsellor of Telangana Poetry forum and an executive member of the educational magazine LITERATI and a columnist. She is a member of Wolf International Poetry Exhibition group of UK, where her poems are exhibited in various art galleries, Literary clubs and  public places.

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