Wednesday, May 1, 2019




Green, how I want you green
Like the precious gems
Etched in my love
Emerald and Jade
Warm hues
Scintillating aura
A trajectory romance
Shimmering in green

Green, how I want you green
Like the enticing creeper
Swirling and delicate
Tendrils reaching for the sky
Silver sheaths gently serenading the sunshine
Content in their heart shaped contours

Green, how I want you green
Like the mystical forest
Piping with towering branches
Bird chirping in a flutter
In a frenzy over the mating season
Content to bask in the glory of the Gulmohar
Perched safely on tree tops

Green, how I want you my green
As, my unconditional love for you
A promise foretold till eternity.


The time machine whirs, a tiny memory stirs
O, it is Spring again
The Season of rebirth and regeneration
The Season of our potent love
The frolicking romance
The raging passion
The poems born in the bosom
Gushed out in the vocal chords
A celebration of our togetherness

The time machine stirs, a tiny memory stirs
Your crinkling eyes start a riot
In the lush meadows of my heart
Your warm husky voice
Rings a million melodies in my soul
I serenade you with all my love
And we stay locked in a close rapture
Oblivious to the world

The time machine whirs, and a tiny memory stirs
O it is encased in a golden casket
Studded with diamonds of our heartbeats


Our being is but a splendid celebration
A felicitation of having arrived on the planet
For this life was born for a purpose
A journey transcending to its pinnacle

Our being is but a realization of the prime task
That truth rides high as a rider
Singular and manifested in a splendid rainbow
Untouched by the filth of machinations

Our being is a consummate affair
Diligence high at its core
A very steep sojourn of will power and faith
Complete with a plethora of gratitude


AABHA ROSY VATSA is a, Poet, Author, Writer, Blogger and Ex teacher. She has published fourteen books, twelve of which are Poetry. She has been awarded 'Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Women Empowerment Award, Queens Inspiring Gems of India Award, Icons and Crusaders award, Margdarshan award. She has hosted two Seasons of Faridabad Chapter of 100 000 Poets for Change. A die hard optimist, Aabha believes in the power of the written word.  A quintessential student of life, she is deeply Spiritual and a firm believer of Karma. She lives with her family in Faridabad.

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  1. Me encantó NUESTRO SER que se basa en al voluntad, la buena fe, el amor.