Wednesday, May 1, 2019




How temporary are our lives
Both the killer
And the Killed
Caught in a juncture of haplessness
And We
Sitting far away
Can only light candles
Or seek revenge

And They
Sitting on the High Pedestal
Talk of Lives not going waste
(When it already has)
Talk some more
Strike some deals
And show some strength

And in the meantime
The kin of the killer
Hails him as Martyr
And the kin of the Killed
Swallow down their Martydom in unshed tears

All the while
Someone else
Is planning
Some other bloodshed
Some other lives
Some other martyrs
Some more waste

Some more will seek revenge
Some more candles will be lit
Some more placards will be made
Some more will shout on Television
Some more emotions will go waste

What if
We all to pay a tribute to those
Who die in Waste
Do something for ourselves
Each of Us
The Kin
The Revenge seekers
The Candle lighters

What if
Each one of Us
Made ourselves better
Stoked a little more
Of our own Humanity
Developed Integrity
Realised Rhetoric
For what it's worth
And moved beyond

What if we tried
To do away
Bit by bit
With the little lies
With our own selves
Stopped taking the easy way
And believed in doing it Right.
Every opportunity
Every time

Just maybe
We could do away with Waste
And make ourselves more Worthy

To live side by side
As worthy neighbours
Worthy Individuals
Worthy humans
In a worthy world

Only then maybe, just maybe
We can make ourselves
Worthy of the colossal sacrifice
And the worthless waste
Copyright ~ Ipsita Ganguli


My Blood has curled
Into a dry mess
It does not flow
Within my veins anymore
It is now colour of
Dusty Ochre
My skin is parched
Breaking into white flake
And dusty wounds
My lips have long run dry...

O Water
That made the earth
And made my body
And bathed my soul

O Water
That cleansed me
That soothed me
That kept me alive

O Thirst
That now overpowers me
That chokes me
Till I faint

Now I know
How My waste
Has wasted
The very souce
With which Life began
And I dream
Of gurgling streams
Of shoals of fish
Of tidal waves
And blue seas

A drop of Water
A drop to drink
A drop of Life
A drop of Life
To be Alive
Copyright~ Ipsita Ganguli


A fistful of earth,
It slips through...

Dust to dust...
This eternal thruth,
Where we will both be

But today,
I see your face;
In the sunrays,
In the puddle.

The smell of
earth; after
a fresh shower.

The branches are reflected too
In the sundipped puddle;
And I can almost see your smile...

That green expanse
Of paddy fields
Submerged in watery mud
Waiting to be harvested.

The feel of tender clay
Green Brown ... earthy
The blades stand tall...

A black bull
Stares... defiant, bold, dogged
Yet he moves in grace

And I remember you
With a shrug, and a shake
Of my head,
Only you may know
My sigh

The leaves rustle,
The sky turns inky,
The orange now is a dot
Another sunset...

The rustle of your feet
On dry leaves leave
An imprint;
No dust storm can ever blow
This imprint away
From me

Copyright ~

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