Wednesday, May 1, 2019




Love is not about
Give and take
It is not about the fake promises one make
Love is not about proposals and breakups
It's all about how to live with the same stuff
Love is not about chocolates and  roses too
It's how you deal with the thorns in your love life through
Love is not about kisses or hugging each other
It' lies in the care for one another
Love is not about showing off
It's how you value each smiles and tear drops
Love needs no elaborate gifts or words
It is carefree and boundless like a soaring bird
Love is not walking with hands in hands
It's how you support each other in every stand
Love is not staying near close or near
It can be felt however you are far
Love is not do or die
It survives only in truth and breathes last in a lie
Love is not You and Me
It's how we make it Us and We


You can change the date
But can you change the fate ?
Todays can be tomorrows
But can you bid away all sorrows?
There are changes in days ,months or seasons
But ,does love need to have any reason ?
Calendar ,you can start a year
But can you remove all doubts ,tears or fear ?
The numbers change and so does your page
But can you free all humans from their bondage ?
Dear Calendar you come and go
But what remains will stay with the flow
You cannot change the length or depth of life
Neither can you stop any war and strife
Your dates may carry on till infinity
But you can never direct the road to eternity.


After midnight
I wake up
When the world sleeps
I go into my thoughts deep
It's my me time where I can enjoy my  solitude
No strings attached whatever
Careless whispers from down memory lanes
All the laughters and pains
Tis' the time when I evaluate and calculate
What's gone and what I have gained
Was it worth of all the scars and pain
After midnight ,
I wake up
From all the deep slumber I have been sleeping the life long
Try to find out the right track and what went wrong
But then I see a sudden ray of light
And realise soon will fade away the dark night
Giving me signs that I will see a life again  so bright
As I look out and see through the window
The dawn appears to be in sight
And my midnight journey sees the daylight


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