Wednesday, May 1, 2019




The corpse
of your image
comes alive
in the coffin—
Resurrected, redefined:
A blue butterfly
with large iridescent wings.

A peek through
the cerulean blue—
Your soft memories
Come  fresh  as
lemon- scented tea!
The pattern of Lavender Rose
on the bone china teacup
reappears with a
captivating allure
stirring me to
deep emotions.

My heart once
in gloomy shroud—
Tremulous, fragile
like falling petals,
soars in the sky
beyond mountain summits.
The flit and flutter
create ripples of joy.
The blue butterfly once again
a magnificent  obsession!


Warm weather
getting hot,
people travelling
greater distance
to vacation spots:
Quivers of expectancy!
Wings of happiness!

Asphalt highway
with green corridors
in  summer –
An avalanche of
Nerium  Oleander and
bright Bougainvillea

A blaze of colour
from cup-shaped
crimson flowers
of red silk cotton—
Completely leafless in bloom,
descends to the
dry horizon—
Goes unperceived  by many:
Rail -thin bodies
with colour-blind eyes
busy at road construction!
Terrain of hopelessness
Amid asphalt fumes:
No sky lights their roads—
Myths of light
Under a bronze
oppressive sun!


I stood on the edge of space
Losing track of time: demented!
Faintly alive, catching shadows
Of flickering horizons.

Spots and strips of nature,
Blue water of a shore less sea
Asked me, “Where are you?”
I looked with obscure eyes
My lashes long and drooping!

Terra incognita!
An in-between time;
The landscape partly green,
Partly brown with
Splashes  of spring,
Sparks of rain,
Touches of winter!

I was alive in
The singing accent of spring
And the rush of rain;
I was dead in
The blizzards of winter—
Roaring and rearing!


Dr. RANJANA SHARAN SINHA: Former professor in English at Shree Binzani City Collage, Nagpur (Maharashtra), Dr. Ranajana Sharan Sinha is a well-known voice in Indian Poetry in English and has received accolade form the former President of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for her poem Mother Nature. Poems, short stories, articles and research papers published in reputed dailies, magazines, e-zines, journals and archives at national and international levels. Authored and published 07 books in different genres and 50 research papers. The books are: 1. Spring Zone (Collection of Poems and Haiku), 2.Midnight Sun (Collection of Short Stories), 3.Nature in the Poetry of William Wordsworth and Sumitra Nandan Pant (Criticism), 4. Feminism: Times and Tides (A historiographical  and theoretical commentary on Feminism), 5. Different Dimensions (Collection of research papers),6. Scents and Shadows (Collection of Poems), 7. Rhymes for Children (Collection of rhymes). Completed and published UCG-Sponsored MRP on comparative literature. Honoured  with many prestigious awards for her contribution to literature: Best Poet  Award, Poet International, Bangalore; Rashtriya Pratibha Samman (Kavya Kalanidhi), Udaipur; Best Citizens of India, International Publishing House, New Delhi; T.G. Deshmukh Best Teacher Award, Nagpur Shikshan Mandal, Nagpur, Brijsahityamani Samman , Brajlok Sahitya, Kala, Sanskriti Akademi, Agra,and many more.  Research Supervisor, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur. Writes  in Hindi, too.

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