Wednesday, May 1, 2019




Whispering words, on the screen of my laptop
Talk, giggle, tickle, laugh, sing
Some time weep like weeping trees
Words like tears fall as if drops from leaves
After showers or after night with morning dew.
As keys under my fingertips
Steadily or with quivers click clik clik.

Who says they don't effect
They effect really when spoken
With love or scorn - with like and dislike
Words of love make us smile and shine
A rose face appears when words call
Petals trembling with utter emotional surge
And urge to respond the click of vibrant emotions
They produce musical sounds when they sound the notes.

I send and receive echo of passionate hearts
Hearts falling on screen like rose-red heart icon
Seeking rise like waves in stream rising or falling
Either taking along with as if hand in hand
Or drown in the deep of uncertain jab of words
At war or in peace ,in quarrel or in compromise
Flying like birds across distances and boundaries
Far away like rays the ride on electronic winds
Trust and mistrust lock their horns to displace.

Who says words don't effect,they effect
Bring war and peace-bring love and hate
Happy we feel when some words become fragrance
Just as I see a Rose smiling away from away
I feel fragrance from far away no thorn hinders

Sometimes the words bring rain without rain
And we become emotional too feel and reel
Some times a sudden rush of words of feelings
Connect and become moon and sun to embrace
Even from far away.
Or words become bees like humming before tick of a lick.
And emerge to merge to lose into eternal Truth .


Treachery is roaming about
Vulturous and virulent eyes glare
Don't know from where death strikes

Moments before where kids danced
Skipping ropes vibrates with laughter
In arms of romance smiles exchanged
Flowery colors flew in air in waves
All merry making as in funfair.

Now there we see scattered bodies
Bleeding limbs, tissues and bones
Looking at onlookers with awe
Asking who disintegrated all present.

Who has called vultures
We see circling around overhead
Waiting to tear the remains.

Cries are high in air
Voices have turned into screams
Cheers into sobs,
Why, Why, Why this vision of terror
We are forced to see while weeping.


Pain plays very important role
To be humane to console
With experience in the vein
To hold the noble rein

Shows us how it is horrible
And asks us to be noble
Feelings to act it creates
Wires of goodness vibrates

Moves us for a cause
Waits for your because.
Demon of pain when crawls
It roles the stressful balls

Every trembling vein does say
Play what part we can play
To fight with might for cause
Down demon of because!!!!

Hey, apply Love as balm
To make the sufferings calm!!!!


O, Mother
You gave me birth
Fed me by your blood
Fed me by your breasts
Cradled me in your arms
Taught me stand on my feet
Taught me walking
By holding my arms and hands
Taught me love by caressing me
Taught me how to protect
Against changing weather
You cried to see me in pain,
Tickled me to make me laugh
Taught me to respect father
Whom you loved to be my father.

Mother, you are not only mother
Who fed me putting morsels in my mouth
Who nursed me with nursing hands
You are like Mother Earth
Who roots trees deep to stand firm footed
And teaches to fight against storms.

You are mother,earth and Nature
As what I am today is all due to you
I salute you, O, my mother.
As Mother Earth, as Mother Nature.


MOHINDERDEEP GREWAL, a prominent progressive poet, is one of those poets who gave new orientation to traditional poetry by his post-modern diction and global vision. He began to write lyrical poetry , Ghazal in his mother tongue Punjabi and verse in Punjabi . He has been writing poetry for the last five decades and his six books are published. During his studies, he read poetry from classical to modern period and loved the modern trends in poetry and lyrics. His love for modern diction got a boost when he did his Post Graduate ( M.A) in English and read poetry of English literature from classical to modern poetry. He did Post Graduate in his Punjabi, his mother tongue as well, and treasured the knowledge of classical and modern contemporary poetry. Having progressive attitude in life, he  began to write on social issues like exploitation of the working class and for love, peace an d fraternity. He worked as Lecturer in English and during this period, he had knowledge of English literature from Classical to modern literature which enriched his poetic diction. Nature has always been his source of inspiration as in it he finds reflected human nature. He is humanistic in nature and his pen is his armament which he is still using to spread his positive ideas with critical and sarcastic tinge against oppressing forces and writes with smiling hope to spread love and shine, asking humans to be humane and work to remove social evils in society. Mohinderdeep Grewal is a poet with a burning consciousness; in whose light, he perceives the fault lines which cause the darkness in our minds; and as a crusader, he has a powerful spirit to pursue his goal of a world free from exploitation, and full of love for mankind.. He writes for love peace and oneness of world,  When his family migrated to U S A and Canada,  he began to write poetry in English too and his  poetry book in English ; THE LIGHT AND FRAGRACE was published . He is chairman of World’s Association of English Poetry and associated with many organizations.. He is patron of Punjabi Sahitya Academy , Ludhiana and served as Gen. Secretary od Kedari Punjabi Lekhak Sabha and has  organized many events  and wrote critical papers on many books. His work has been included in many anthologies and his poetry has been discussed in research books and papers. He has got many awards by distinguished organizations in India and abroad.

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