Wednesday, May 1, 2019




She is in a state of trance,
After ages she got a chance.
To get implicated in saccharine romance,
Untrod dexterity she would enhance.

She was constantly conscious of poetic justice,
But never thought an expert would be an apprentice.
In the field of love and joy,
She never reflected   to   enjoy.

The infirmity of tag-rag people,
That always dragged them towards trouble.
It was never her cup of tea,
She was deprived of this property.

Entered in her life the Cupid’s messenger,
Rising to the occasion vehemently.
With a light knock at  the door of her heart,
He tiptoed with a leap in the dark  .

He was a dark horse, God of love.
There was no time to chew the cud .
Deep inside there was a soft bud,
Warning her against the caviare unheard.

Turning a deaf ear towards the alarm,
All set was she to chance one’s arm.
Let me give it a try .What’s the harm?
Drowning her fear she moved towards the charm.

The marked man turned into manna from heaven,
The pleasure and glee transcended her to cloud seven.
She thanked her stars for stirring up a hornet’s nest,
Without taking risk she wouldn’t have experienced this zest.


With untried edges
And dented infirmity
You shoot her with your words
She is too naïve to read
Between the lines

Autumn winds un firm the fragile leaves
None could hold the grip but weep
As moving away from the loved ones
Reminded them of the amiss
You take pleasure to curse yourself
To vicious nightmares you surrender your sleep

Once winter sounded well and faded
Fissures wrung and compress too deep
But the approaching spring, waltzing in
Letting the painless weep

Ooze out of the eyes
And transfer them to the bones
You let conceited words
Nudge the palter stones.


Throbbing heart
Helpless, furious, brooding .
Unable to hold the  pen
Sleepy   with the millstone round my neck,
Sans enthusiasm ready to die.

Bare thoughts wandering
Counting the number of
painful nights and  inner howls.
Restless in bed , craving for thousand naps

The formidable sky,
Telling the treacherous tale of stars
Hue of malignant clouds,
Trying to cover the flush of scars.

I believe it will soon be summer,
And I will be getting a  glimpse of  the  blue sky.
Finding comfort in my verses,
lost in the difficulty and dilemma ,
Seeking solace in my niche.

I am the owner of the boat known as “ life”.
Where have I come from and where would I go,
Few close friends do know,
Others just keep on guessing.

My poem is not for others,
It is for my troubled heart.
so weak, anytime ready to part.
Tell me,
Is saving myself an innocent sin?


MEENA MISHRA is an award winning   author, poet, short-story writer, social worker, novelist, editor, an educator and a publisher.  The Impish Lass Publishing House is her brainchild. Her poems, stories and book-reviews have been published in international journals and magazines. She is recipient of several prestigious awards. She is an active member of Mumbai English Educators’ Team and was invited by the Education Department of Maharashtra to be a part of The Review Committee for the new English text book. She is invited as a judge for various literary competitions. Her poems are also published in the prestigious magazine “Woman’s Era.” She has been a contributing author and poet for more than a dozen anthologies. Her contribution to the field of education and writing has received acclamation from the esteemed newspapers - Times of India and Mid Day. She is on a mission of publishing the articles of students and educators of various schools across the globe under her unique project, The Young Bards . Her autobiographical book, “The Impish Lass ,” has been converted into a web-series  by Visionary Studioz (Mumbai) and can be subscribed on YouTube. Under the banner of her publishing house ( The Impish Lass Publishing House- Mumbai ) she has successfully published more than 17 books in 9 months duration apart from The Young Bards- book 1 , 2, and 3 . She was invited to share her views by Sony TV for their first episode of , “ Zindagi Ke Crossroads,” based on needs of special children. The poem written by her was read and appreciated by the living legend of Bollywood- Amitabh Bachchan. As a publisher she believes that EACH SOUL THAT WRITES HAS THE RIGHT TO GET PUBLISHED.

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