Wednesday, May 1, 2019




God in his heaven watches the world confused,
To see his name often misused and much abused
By the guardians of religions in different garbs,
Addressing the world around them with barbs.

God from his heaven sees the world and wonders,
“What am I doing in this violent land of blunders?
Why am I confined to temples, mosques,
Churches, gurudwaras and synagogues?”

“People seem to have forgotten my essence;
They often overlook my divine omnipresence.
In my name, they indulge in so much violence,
And have forgotten compassion and tolerance.”

“I am GOD – Generator, Operator and Destroyer,
Nothing misses the radar of my roving reconnoitre.
My appeal to you all is, stop “worshipping” me
And leave me alone in my heaven and let me be …”

I AM …

I am…
the falling leaf
the gripping grief
the fading sunlight
the bird in low flight
the overcast sky
the eye with a sty
the receding hairline
the onset of a whine
the overflowing pothole
the empty heart and soul
the withering flower
the mind bereft of power
the dismantled home
the gaping-teeth comb
the much-dog-eared book
the one with a caged bird look
the tell-tale signs of age
the burden of heavy baggage
the crack in my aging bones
the voice in hushed tones
the epitome of confusion
the definition of conclusion


I’m a poet
Whatever I write is always heartfelt
A soliloquy, a group song or a duet

I’m a poet.
I write on whatever catches my eyes
Sometimes on truth, at times on lies

I’m a poet
Truth or lie, I write it like it is
As words guide me with ease

I’m a poet
My words are my tools
To write on the wise and the fools

I’m a poet
I am here to stay and to keep on writing
On something sad and some glad tidings

I’m a poet
The flora or fauna, nature or mother earth
All have something for my words’ worth

I’m a poet
I’m most fascinated by human nature,
By people of high and lowliest stature

I’m a poet
Nothing misses my alert, darting eyes
World’s goings-on, its lows and highs


PADMAJA IYENGAR-PADDY, a senior ex-banker and a former urban governance consultant, is currently the Hon. Literary Advisor of The Cultural Centre of Vijayawada & Amaravati, and is on the Advisory Panel of International Society for Intercultural Studies and Research, Kolkata. She has curated and edited 5 International Multilingual Poetry Anthologies, one of them ‘WWW – Women, Wit & Wisdom’ of women poets across the globe. The latest Amaravati Poetic Prism 2018 has 1111 poems in 107 languages by 630 poets from 76 countries. The 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions of this unique international multilingual poetry anthology, have been recognized by the prestigious Limca Book of Records.  She has just completed the curating and editing of a ‘Peace and Poetry’ anthology for ISSAR to be launched later this year. Paddy’s maiden poetry collection ‘P-En-Chants’ has been recognized as a Unique Record of Excellence by the India Book of Records for its never-before-attempted movie reviews and management topics in rhyming poetry genre. She is an official Member of the World Nation Writers’ Union in Kazakhstan. Paddy is the recipient of the SETU-2018 Award for Excellence (Special Mention-Individual) instituted by SETU the Pittsburgh-based bilingual e-zine, “Ambassador De Literature” Medal from Motivational Strips and the title of “Distinguished Literary Personality” from Vishwabharati Research Centre / Sahitya Anand, India, for her contributions and service to literature. She was the Guest Editor of ‘Women, Power & Creativity’ edition of SETU-March, 2019 issue, in which she has presented 312 poems by 110 women poets from 25 countries.

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