Wednesday, May 1, 2019




Ardent desire ...
In secret of earth , I aspire
When you whisper vibrates air
My heart melts with a touch so rare

Being rejoiced , I adore
Immerse in nectar , melted in scared fire
I glow with your radiance
With gentle ripples of wonderful fragrance.

In the depth of your oceanic eyes
Lies pearls of wisdom , a necklace of bliss
Blazing rays of golden light
Liberating me to rise eternal height .

Your immortal touch
My enchanted heart is in constant search
Love is in tune
I am your flute
Your breathe through me , create melody
An unbroken sence of joy in life's poetry.
Rajashree Mohapatra ©


( Woman till today is not considered an entity in her own right in many parts of the world. Her story never ends . . .)

Centuries ago . . .
I crossed the lines
Lost my wings
Queens flight
Was in a desperate plight .

Even after ages . . .
I see before me
Lines of inequalities
Indignities , Inequities
A poignant image of passing time .

Let me cross the lines
To walk on the parallel lines
To let you know
I am your mother
Sister , daughter
your life partner
A co- traveller
A radiant flower
in the garden of the creator.

Sprinkle me with dew to grow
Help me create a heaven to glow
Feel my love never to fade
Listen to my music that never to end .
Rajashree Mohapatra ©


Gliding on the memories of past
I stop at a quaint gate at last .

Butterflies paint it wìth rainbow colours
Honeybees drizzle love all over .

Moments appear deep , so precious
Whispers of my beloved , so gracious .

Deepest desires , the tranquil winds race
When I relive smile appears on my face .

Indelible imprint on my life's art
Just as the nature , I relish in my heart .

Reinforce joys of present with memories of past
Grandeur and silence as nature's craft .

Memories so alive full of innocence
Relish in my heart reveal kindness

Creat happiness enriching the present
Though passed into oblivion , I treasured the moments .


RAJASHREE MOHAPATRA is a teacher of Geography by profession. A Post Graduate in History, PG Dip in Environmental Education and waste management and now she is a Post Graduate student of Journalism and Mass Communication. Poetry, painting and journalism are her Passions .She writes in Odia and English. Her poems are translated into many foreign languages and are published in Anthologies and in International ezines . For her Painting is a mode of creative expression and can communicate souls . She aims at promoting universal peace, environmental awareness and protection of human rights and is associated with Non Governmental Organisations.

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