Wednesday, May 1, 2019




Is there too cold in your place?
Does cold wind bite your body?
Has there been snow fall in front of your house?
Touch the snow and
Feel me in the snow melting
Between your fingers.

Does your pet cat
Moving around you
Seeking your warm touch
Then stroke her head and
See, I may be there.

You are walking in your lawn
Grasses are bending to touch your feet
You pick a blade of grass absentmindedly
Perhaps I may be there
In that tiny grass blade.

You are walking in the open
A soft breeze blows across
Feel me in the breeze
Caught in your ruffled hair.

A shaft of golden light
Falls on your varandah
You draw a chair to the yellow light
And sit there
to read morning newspaper
Feel me dear
when a sunny warmth hugs you.


Me, the earth
You see my beautiful face
The beautiful sky and greeneries
Lovely flowers and sweet chirping birds

You dig
Dig and build
Your sky rise

You burn
Burn my woods
You cut
Cut my forest

You stop
Stop my flow of rivers

The exhausts of your vehicles
The shoots of your industries
The toxins
Of your weapons
My water and air
My children
Animals and birds
Forest and flowers
Die of exhaustion

I cry
Cry of pain
Cry of anguish
Cry out of anger
Boil and boil, under
My crust

I heave hard
Boil anger
Shake and shake
I want to bring down
Your sky rise
Crush them to ground
I become angry
Really angry
I shake your prides
Crush your vanity
Raze them to ground
Then I sigh of relief
And become normal
Once again
I engage in my creation.


Oh, I remember,
Reading my poem about ' Baby Falak and Nirvaya'
in a poets' meet.
But I lost my poem there.
The poem could not see
The light of the day.

Why do
Poems are lost halfway?
Why do they lose track?

Did anybody
Throttle their necks?
Or, did any one
Shred their soft petals
In demonic darkness?

Why do
Beauty and innocence
Die before coming to full bloom
Or hang in the Cross?

I just simmer in burn
And think,
Ah, what more have I done
Than merely writing poems?


BHARATI NAYAK,born in the year 1962 ,is a  bilingual poet,critique and translator from Odisha,an Indian State lying on its eastern coast.She writes in English and Odia.Her poems have been published in many magazines,journals ,anthologies and e-books of national and international repute such as  Rock Pebbles,Orissa Review,Utkal Prasang,Creation and Criticism,Circular Whispers,Nova Literature-Poesis,PoetryAgaist Terror,56 Female Voices of Poetry,,The Four Seasons Poetry Concerto,Tunes From the Subcontinent,Amaravati Poetic Prism,Pangoline Review and the like.She has  published  three poetry books- 1-Padma Paada(A poetry book in Odia language) 2-Words Are Such Perfect Traitors 3-A Day for Myself

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