Wednesday, May 1, 2019




It’s not about a night
Not even a day
It is that word that
I would always loved to say .

It's the feel I always carry with me
Know not from which day .
With you my each and every day
Is a Valentine Day .

Where love is beyond imagination
Where it  breaks all condition
Where love is not an option
Not depend on any  social appreciation .

At the brim of my life
I will be there with you
With all my hair grey .

To feel the ultimate essence of love
It's my only pray .


When you touch my body
I touch your soul
It's your touch that
Completes me as a whole .
It's your kiss
That quench my thirsty lips .

When you stare
Yes ! Something special is there ,
You create magic in me
And its so rare .

U made me feel
Which I felt never
Hold my hand , hug me tight
Stay by my side forever ,

Let the world change its colour
But you  don't change for me
It's my only prayer .


I think someone knocking
At my closed door
He is waiting for my footfall
In silent marble floor .

Hello ! Is it me
U are looking for ?

You never felt before
Am I that feel ?
Is it my effortless skill
That  make your heart  heal ?

Am I that thought
That obsessed your entire thought
Am I that presence ,you want to feel
Just after God ?


SUMANA BHATTACHARJEE  is an English poetry and short story writer from India . She born and brought up in city Kolkata in a family of teachers . She has done Master Degree in English literature and Honours in Bengali literature . From her childhood she has keen interest in music ,poetry and drama . She is a published poetry writer and her poems have been published in many national and international anthologies,magazines and blogs . She is founder of an online poetry group and working as an admin of 3poetry groups . She is a member of World Union Of Poets and through her poems she wants to spread love ,peace and happiness throughout the world .She is passionate about poetry and music and wants to continue it until her last breathe .

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