Wednesday, May 1, 2019




A lonely path in a wintry morning looks desolate
The fog dampens trees standing on both the ways
Still you walk alone with some warmth inside
No one is there to hear your footsteps
Everything seems to be under a misty veil
But are sojourns new for you ?
Miles and miles you have walked alone
Sometimes on crowded streets
Sometimes in lonely woods
Your feet gets acquainted with every road you take
Paths will be crossed..things will be gained or lost
The one who stays day and night with you is your shadow
Which may get smaller or bigger with the light
But it strengthens your every move
With the exposure it has everyday with the affair called "Life"...
©® Gayatree G Lahon


A few drops of water, unloved.. unwanted
Fell down from the eyes
When the storm blew outside
And hit all the doors inside me

I look for the sun that shone on us
When the wind was fragrant
When our hearts leaped together
In the sunshine of love

Now the empty syllables in my eyes
Raise a commotion in the cloudy sky
While trying to discern the silence behind
The sky begins to cry

My silence travels afar and then gets eloquent to alleviate the pain
While my fingers start writing alphabets of heart...
Scribbling poetry of life on a blank paper..
©® Gayatree


Tiny white wildflowers
Blooming in wilderness
Humming soft syllables of love
Nourishing fragile unspoken love
Of unfathomable hearts

You may go far away
But the wildflowers will remind you of me
Because they love to bloom
Only when I smile ....

The rhythmic wind that makes them sway
Will tell you how to bridge the hearts
Listen to the wind..
Look up the sky with a smile
And I will be waiting somewhere at the horizon....
©® Gayatree


GAYATREE G LAHON: Hailing from the beautiful state of Assam in North East India, Gayatree is a poet and a teacher. She is a post graduate in English Literature from Gauhati University, Assam. Being a true aesthete, she is an ardent lover of nature and life ...her poems reflect those elements in a subtle way. Love, nature and the complexities of life are the main subjects of her poems. Her poems have been published in various national and international anthologies, magazines, newspapers and web journals. "Voices of Humanity Vol 4", "Galaktika Poetica Atunis", "Trainquil Muse", "Wildfire Publication",  " Symphony of Peace" "Glomag" are some of the magazines and anthologies that have published her poems.

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