Monday, April 1, 2019




I was looking with pleasure
- and curiously –
at the sky by night
but the stars surely
didn’t like it
because they have asked the wind
to hide them
from the naughty eyes ont he Earth
but when
the sky began to thunder again
they were scared
and looking at the earth saw
also those little stars trembling
pressed close together


My mother imagined that
I was born to live peacefully
My dad hoped
I’ll perfect – as an engineur –
The out-dates machines

They both were wrong

My duty is to fight
On the dusty ruins
Of the crumbling past
With the poor-spirited ones
With everybody
Who disdains the others
Who fears from the different ones

My duty is to fight without stopping
To creat a new world
And I must not rest beyond my death
Until all understand
The whites that the blacks are not dirty
The black that the whites are not ghosts
And the belivers accept that
There is only one GOD – if he exists really –
With many names
And the other man is
Neither worse nor better


I broke off the handcuffs
Unrolled the chain from my body
But I had still the rope on me
I cut it too
But I was covered with viscous sticky mucilage
I dragged myself to the sun
The muces dried
And scaled of me
But thin spider’s web is still a barrier
At free soaring
What I am not able to get rid of
Because artful dodgy spiders
Observing me from their hiding places
Are waiting for the moment
When they can close me again
In their net


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