Wednesday, May 1, 2019




Come let us share a few moments
As we sup coffee together.
Words spoken or left unsaid are following us.
Our figures and our words form strange combinations.
I wish you make a slip
And I can pick up some clues
About your love.
Yes of course we like.
I don't want we remain two names
From matrimonial columns.
Sharing a few moments
Over a cup of coffee
Gives us a chance
To measure each other out.
And decide whether to set out
On a long sojourn
Or suspend here all the tall talk
In this body, what lies beyond words,
How much truth
Will it stay
Will you be able to belong to me?
And can I sing the love song
For you?
I have to be rock-proof to say
Yes or No.
I am trying to cast a final look at you
From all sides
As we go about a car
Before signing the cheque.


(A POEM SET IN 2250)

A teacher asked a small school boy
To come to school
With a sample of clay.
This school was somewhere in America.
Next morning the boy said to the teacher...
I will show it next Monday?
I have placed an order on Flipkart
For ten capsules of clay
From India.
I need some water.
The teacher gave him
a small capsule of water.
There was a long bell.
Kids started heading for the hostel.
Then teachers too.
Nobody went to any home.
No one had come
To take anyone.
The whole young generation
Was parentless.
Brought up in govt nurseries.
No one married.
Had kids from sperm donation.
And I saw a weird sadness
Reigning all around.
What was missing?
I looked up.
Skyscrapers had dwindled
The sky
And the earth below was plastered with plastic.
I went to a wonderful patch
Of glowing flowers.
When I tried to touch them,
A message appeared
Don't touch.
They are only an illusion.
Even the water flowing from water falls
Was an illusion.
Shocked I touched an attendant
Standing nearby
To confirm..
he too was not Maya.
What was I? Was I still alive?
How come I dragged
Into two centuries ahead?
You too are a shadow sir
The attendant said.
What were those kids?
All shadows.
I too am a shadow.
And he vanished leaving me dumbfounded
and waiting to disappear.


A Poet I heard crying
April is the cruellest month.
I feel offended.
April brings flowers in millions
Lined across vales
Who invite men to shed their heavy weight
And dance with them to the tunes
Of the vagrant winds.
Don’t ask for a life like flowers.
You are asking for suicide.
Evening is their expiry time.

Nothing in life can stay happy for years.
For joy is a momentary game.
Meant for flashy seconds
Not to last for years.
If you really wish to keep smiling
And spreading fragrance
While you are alive
You need a great training of your mind.

For body is only a little bit
Man lives for most part in his mind.
Whatever they have
Flowers spend it out by the evening.
We who try to lock up our joys
Cannot go happy like them.
If we too open out our petals
And give away our treasures
People will find us
Full of fragrance and admire our
To be sublime and divine,
And smile like flowers
You need a mind which is trained
In feeling joy when you surrender
And give it all away.
Welcome! Dear April.
The sweetest month of flowers.
But shocking for us humans.
Who make sacks of our bodies
And graves of our minds.


Dr. JERNAIL SINGH ANAND [b.1955] is an internationally acclaimed poet, writer, critic, spiritualist, and philosopher. Author of more than 55 books, of English poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and spirituality, he is also the co-innovator of the critical theory of Biotext. A Professor of English by profession, Dr. Anand holds Ph.D degree from Panjab Univ. Chandigarh, and D.Litt from Univ. of South America. Dr. Anand was awarded Cross of Peace and Cross of Literature by World Union of Poets [Italy], Lord of World Peace and Literature, and Award of Supreme Excellence by Vishwabharati Research Centre, etc. His recent works ‘GEET: the Unsung Song of Eternity’ [a lyrical epic – a sequel to Milton’s ‘The Paradise Lost’]  ‘Ganturbury Tales’ [a near sequel to Chaucer’s ‘The Canterbury Tales’ ] – for which he was awarded Trendy Tale Teller Award- and his work of poetry;  ‘Fighting the Flames’ are his masterpieces, coupled with his forth coming work of great promise: ‘The Satanic Empire’ [an epic sequel to Dante’s The Divine Comedy] and a novel ‘The Barbed Wire’


  1. Even though my ribcage protects my heart, these poems go straight and pierce . So beautiful play with words.

  2. Yes, so beautiful play with words Dr.Jernail!!!!!!! You are a wonderful man, and lots more.!!!!!!please keep them Poems coming to all....

  3. All the three poems are nice. Picture of two centuries ahead seems what we have in store if we continue advancing in the present direction.