Wednesday, May 1, 2019




My tongue treads tirelessly
Awaits thy arrival so alluring
Far art thou from my grip
Silently I sit to surpass
This treacherous temptation – so tough
Unable I’m simply to renounce
The rarest addiction like you
Pointed pins of pinning prick every pore
Inborn anxiety awakes arousal
Less restrained all taboo free I
Go for gamble- just to grab all you
Eyes seduced to thy spell
Heart carries courage to caress cozily
Minding little about mardy minds
Lips all the time longing to lip-love
Learning all else is light
Parting with you is – all I’LL FIGHT


How to please she’s not mastered
There fail flatly – confess so fairly
There are millions who know so well
How to mould moods and make others merry
She being exceptional emits easy happiness
Full of positive vibrations
Lack in all artificiality
So she’s less in vogue
No words of eloquence
Can outnumber her serene smiles
That goes dispersed deliciously
To be the voice of her inner self when impressed
The owner of hazel heart
Her unseen beats drum – roll to applaud
Though striking to see & hear
Her other seen &sensory organs so silent
Phrases can’t she weave casually
When passions unusual she can offer
The yummiest gestures she wraps
Around the one whom she admires
Less verbal in expression
Yet all vibrant in emotion
Poor at prose presentation
So pens passions in poetry
An extraordinary admirer she is
For the one who pens at philanthropic pace


I house you in my heart
Reject all bricked, tiled, marbled ones
I jewel you on my body
Refuse all gems, pearls and treasures
I possess you in my soul
Neglect all artificial assets so earthly
I am all unstoppable
My loveret flows beyond all stops


NEETU VAID SHARMA : Poetess and author Neetu Vaid Sharma is passionate love poet of international repute. Her five solo poetry books published in the USA include-PASSIONATE PLEASURE PEARLS, I AM PENNED DOWN, QUEEN’S QUIET PASSIONQUAKE (A collection of Oozing Odes and Slicing Sonnets), AMOROUS INTIMACIES ITCHING ALL OVER and BE YOU. Neetu has won a Bronze Award for her story “My Mysterious Morning Buddies” and for her poem “Only Oasis.” Her poems are also published in multiple anthologies chiefly naming: United Global Sisterhood, Tried, Tested and True poets from Across the Globe, Within and Beyond Shores (Volume iii) , Heart to Heart- A Bouquet of Valentine’s Day Love Poems, Petals of Love- An Anthology of Poems and The Skinny On Eating Fresh( Anthology of Recipes) & Rock Pebbles.

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