Wednesday, May 1, 2019




Could you feel my breath tonight
On your bare chest where I laid myself
While I sat miles away reminiscing
Under the luminescence of moon
You seeped in my skin as love of new moon
Fragrance disseminated through my pores of love
As your touch lingered on my soul and I went numb
O! that infinitesimal fraction of bliss
I died … in your name
While you drank the eternal nectar of fantasy..
There isn’t a way to speak
Nothing to verbalize the pain
Let the drops spread the fragrance
In grace of the fallen drops.


How much
How much of blood do thou need to satisfy
Thy egoist dry veins
How many nights of sleeplessness and ceaseless
Cravings of being heard
by thy big but non coherent ears
How many hours and minutes
of  sincere and immaculate affection
Showering on thy idol of superficial world
How much of painful breaths which
Create chasms of detached love
How much do thou need
of my life…
Nothing more left to satiate thy immature disposition
Neither any zeal remains to sprinkle thou with my ethereal love
That never  was felt or heard
Nor any heartbeat which shall awaken me
From the deep long slumber.


In modern times,
they puffed and smoked
and the rings of callousness rose
Oh!  the well of grim
dark and deep
invisible to the naked eye of dreams
Forget the tinkling sound of coins
count later after a while
the paper and plastic cards tucked in wallets
In dearth ,
dugs and buries itself
the agony of human
losing humaneness
the precious birth ,once they said.
now to hell with this birth…they aghast..
who curses?
god or human?
control your tongue…
Tis’ spineless
wretched the destitute impoverish
selfish affluent ceremoniously
holding Humanity as a CIGAR
between their lips,
“hypocrites’ , cries the soul…
they laugh and smirk away.


O! Merciless clouds ,
thou show some mercy
my homeland in desolate cries
tis arid!
Swiftly thou changeth place
and shower on faraway regions
…knoweth thou not
here I fall and stumble …
the dying thirsty throat
screams for thunder
Change thy course, O! partisan
shower thine  grace
In thee ,
I wait for ecstasy to discover


the envelope of darkness engulfs
I stare at the empty skies and heaven
Where art thou ,
my moon,
my savior?
runneth who behind me every moment,
every hour,
to forests, deserts
terraces ,wherever I went
thou followed
thy luminescence guided through the darkness
hugging me tight in solitary hours
where art thou ,
my moon tonight,
I anticipate thy
amidst the loneliness
of this enchanting night’s splendor !


SOUMYA MOHANTY VILEKAR is a writer, poet, blogger, author , a business consultant in the entertainment industry. Soumya’s poetry blog is badged as one of the top 10 socially active poetry blogs of India by Baggout, a national portal . Having her works published in many National &International poetic anthologies, she has penned more than two thousand poems, besides her own four poetry books. The recent one being “Suroor Of The Soul”. Besides these her poems are included in literary magazine CLRI ( Contemporary Literary Review India). Global Poetic Anthology on World Peace by The Poetic Society of India, New India Express, The Hans India, Indian Creative Minds and in Amravati Poetic Prism. She has been awarded the Literary Excellence award for poetry at the 6 th Asiad Literature Award festival and also conferred the honour of “SAHITYASHREE” award by KAFLA INTERCONTINENTAL for her contribution to poetry. A Vocal contributor and a Digital Change maker at WORLDPULSE, a global platform connecting more than 50,000 women across 190 nations for women empowerment ,she also holds a joint patent in field of metal powders.

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