Wednesday, May 1, 2019




Through the sealed voices
and the  muffled tones
Through the fractured soul
being beaten up and molested
Having gone through the worst
to lose everything
She is no longer scared to loose
anything anymore
Her bruised identity
Her fake status in society
So she is ready to take on the battle
To conquer her fear and rattle
To muster the courage to walk on
Out of the hell to
She is woman who wants to live on her terms
She is ready to take a flight of fantasy
Touching the stars on the way
Today she stands tall to sway
In the pride to have walked alone
Looking back at the milestones
She is a lone traveler


The path I treaded in my journey
Could never have happened without many
So here I thank all such people with humility
As the ‘road taken ‘by me is because of your endeavors’
Thank you for making me believe
I was not good enough
Thank you for making me feel
I was unworthy
Thank you for leaving me in lurch
When I needed you the most
Thank you for letting me Fight my own battles
You all have made me believe in my myself
You made me realize that its me who can do it
You made me redefine my journey
And today I have found my destination
Because of the ‘Road Taken’ by me
All my setbacks were a blessings
As I have emerged as a survivor
A strong person on my own feet
Ready to take any challenge
That life might throw at me


After years of your absence
I still have the hangover of
Your laughter
Your cuddles
Your smiles
Your voice
Your fragrance
And your embrace the last time you said your goodbye to me,
I can still feel the warmth Of your breath,
Hear  you laugh from far away,
So every time I miss you,
I just play my heart on
And there you are,
I almost hear you laugh,
The memories which are
Echoed in my broken heart
Yes I feel your presence,
But No I don’t see you around anymore.
Just I feel you in my heart,
And then my hangover continues ……

Copyright 2019

MADHUMITA SINHA is an HR professional, a published author of a poetry book ‘Heartbeats ‘72, random beats and a prolific poet. She contributes her poetry in numerous international as well national literary journal. She loves to perform on her own creations at various forums and poetry clubs.  She is. Being an avid Toastmaster she loves her stage presence and also enjoys judging various contests at corporate and management colleges.. She is known for her strong voice in her poetries which are women centric besides touching other emotions of life. A true romantic at heart love is her strongest emotion she enjoys Penning on and performing. In 2019 she will be featured for her poetries in 4 different anthologies  published by well known publishing house..She is a corporate trainer and an HR professional ( MBA HR) and has more than two decades of experience in various MNC’s and Management Institutes across the country .In her leisure she likes to do social work and help underprivileged

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