Wednesday, May 1, 2019




Blighted buds call to mind
A spring that never was..
A goblet of nectar
With a bitter after taste..
I flip back the pages
Of old crumbling memories
Yellowed by despondency.
The letters on them
Don't make sense any more.
And the callused scar
Hurts no more..

Its a pity, your gaze
Could only reach
The placid blue surface
Of my soul.
You failed to behold
Depths where I hide
My twinkling pearls
And broken shells
And the turbulence.....

Its a pity, for you
I was just the rosy lips
And a beautiful face.
You were oblivious
To the glowing fire in my mind..
You never heard
The soft rhythm of my heart..
And the thousand stories
That died a premature death
On my lips...

Time doles out
Gifts of numbness
And tranquility
To erase out the shadows
Splitting, merging
In a maze, an illusion..
Not to look back
At blighted buds
Of a spring, that never was!!


Clamour of poignant silence
Ringing in my ears,
In my soul's caverns
Only deep, dreary darkness..
Like a cruel prank
Beyond rhyme or reason
A flame doused by destiny
Leaving me lost, forlorn.
You lay shrouded in tricolor...
Streaming from the broken pot of existence,
Atop the shoulder of a shattered father
Runnels to free your soul..

Yet you lay there, still, oblivious
Of the creeping dampness
And the drop of tear in my eyes
Or the raging ocean in my heart
I stood there, watching sandcastle crumbling
Of our blissful paradise, so fleeting
A promise unkept, the sun faded..
In my senses daze pervaded.
The lone star left in my sky, tiny spark of life
Ensconced in my womb...a bud so tender
Fondest dream of our days together,
Nescient of fate's blow to endure.

Bugle sounding the 'Last Post', sombre
Olive-clad comrades pay last respect...
Adieu ,my hero, my soul mate
Love of my life, till again we meet......


An angry, red blister it was..
It made me suffer, days on end
Sore, with a halo
Of aching warmth..

I was just five
I lay there ,feeling a bit glum
For having missed school for days
Listening to my dads voice
As he read out, for me
My favorite comics..

As the burnished gold
Streamed in through the drapery
I drifted off bobbing
To the shores of sleep
Forgetting the soreness
Losing myself
On the golden sands of Keela-Wee,
Inside the mesmerizing
Galleries of Xanadu

I woke up, screaming
To searing pain.
And the glint of the silver blade
Which made the cut,so precise
I could see the yellow trickle
Mixed with blood..
Dad held me tight
And kissed a tear-stained cheek
And said, it had to be done
Dear, to ease your pain
Or else it won’t heal..

Years passed,
I realize now
The import of his words
How my heart longs
When it brims
With distress and torment
For the cut that heals
Of that silver blade!


SINDHU SOOSAN VARGHESE is a homemaker who lives in Pune. She writes poetry both in English and Malayalam. She is an Agricultural Science graduate with an MBA  and also holds a graduate degree in English Literature .She has published a poetry collection in Malayalam '(vaakku pookkunna yamangal') and her poems  have been published in periodicals and online portals regularly.Her poems have been included in international anthologies too. Her favorite themes include love, feminine sensitivity, girl child and social issues.

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