Wednesday, May 1, 2019



ALONE ....

There is surely a divinity
Walking through the lonely woods where wild animals are enjoying to themselves
Everything is lush green and fresh
It's an endless path I see only few men
And women covering their bodies with leaves looking as free as the nature!
I can sit on the shore for hours
Looking at the mysterious sea and the waves hitting high and low
And the ferrymen ferrying
The passengers through the turbulent sea at times
Giving extra care to his row
Calling out to the sea goddess for a safe ferrying!
Some are young and some are old but all enjoying the ferry I can see!
All of a sudden I get an urge
To take a ferry ride alone
With my thoughts and feelings running through my lonely mind and enjoying that divinity of loneliness in the vast sea!
I take out my ear phone and listen to some beautiful songs about the blue green sea away from the crowd
And the mundane chores!
I am at peace with myself
With my lonely sail and the mystifying music of the sea!
Sarala Balachandran


Today's world is not safe for children too
When vultures woo the lil girls from far
Looking for an opportunity
To chase them and undress them to see their sweet and innocent budding bodies!
If you are mother of a girl
Make sure to accompany them to school and complain to the authorities for any
Rude behaviour and rape!
There are men who can rape a seven or seventy years
As age does not matter when
Lust reigns their wicked minds!
Don't let them wear revealing clothes making these pretty buds vulnerable to lust of the world!
Teach them self defense from small so they are not much at risk !
Tell them to be aware of too much affection from anyone including their male teachers!
Who knows what their ulterior motive is!
Be careful
Be vigilant
Be safe
Guard the motherland
Lead a happy n contented life !
Sarala Balachandran


Angels without wings
are the mothers on earth
going through struggles a lot
working  and feeding  her children small
and her ailing husband and parents
She is an angel without wings
but reaches everyone who needs her
She works from dawn to dusk
without any weakness
as God has blessed her with
tremendous energy
to cope up with her life !
She is a mother, wife and daughter
and sibling too
who is always on the go
without fear
She is poor in the material sense
but blessed with a golden heart
never complains
always with a smile !
She weeps at times
when she is alone at night
but makes sure no one sees
her tears !
She is a gift to this world
an angel without wings
but flies everywhere
with ease on a magical carpet !
O'  Angel you are a precious pearl
who resides in everyone's heart !


Every season is beautiful in its own way for its all God's creation
Summer nights are cool at times
At times humid and sultry
Enjoy bath of aromatic oils so refreshing
Rains bring relief to the scorching summer
All are out for a rain dance
Getting drenched in the silvery drops
Lovers sit and spend time at coffee shops enjoying a cup of hot Coffee while the old at home are frying some samosas to tickle their taste buds
Spring is ever more refreshing with flowers of different hues n fragrances
Spring is the Queen of all seasons
But autumnal breeze everyone enjoys although the trees are bare n naked laying colourful carpets for the passersby to sit and relax
Winter time is cozy lazy time curling up under the soft blankets till late mornings
Listen to the gurgling sounds of the mysterious sea giving life to the sea creatures so enchanting
God has made everything perfect for man
Look at the twinkling stars winking winking beautifully
And cool cool moon at night
While the rivers flow calm and slow for ferry men to fish  for their lives !
Life is enchanting with lovely green woods and green meadows
Let man not destroy the beauty of God's gifts for his self enjoyment and merrymaking felling beautiful trees to make fancy stuff for his mansions costing millions of rupees while the poor cry for a morsel of food!
Let's make mother  earth a lovely place to dwell in peace with the beautiful nature of all seasons God has gifted us with !
Sarala Balachandran


I found my love
In your eyes
When you looked at me
Through your heart's eyes
I melted on your embrace So sweet
My heart I have given you long back
But you took it as a joke
Brimming with love
You held me close at last
And a thunderbolt
Stuck my heart
I could never feel
The same with anyone
But you carried away my heart and wandered
Through beautiful woods
Green and lush !
Yes I melted in your love
So divine and sublime !
You kept on looking at me
Till I surrendered to you
In the end !
A love story of all times
Began to be written
In the history of lovers!
I found my long lost love
In your embrace!
Sarala Balachandran


I was young and vulnerable
Carelessly I dressed in stylish clothes
All eyes on me wooing me top to bottom
Looking at my cleavage
And luscious lips
And the brownish hair
Tossed left to right
I walked fearlessly on an
Unknown path
I saw a charismatic man
Sitting with a cigar
Looking at me from afar
I caught his curious  eyes
With a lil sweetness in them
I moved towards him
Not knowing my heart
was falling in love
With this unknown man!
I was all of seventeen
Never cared for anyone's advice
We both met in the same spot
Every day at dusk
When the twilight made me prettier than what I was !
He kissed me with passion
I gave my heart to him forever!
The next day he never came
And my heart craved for his
manly touch !
He will never come
I know
He will never meet me again I know
Now its a love story of a young girl who never safeguarded her precious heart !
Now I wish I never met him
In my life!
I said to myself
All make mistakes
I too made a blunder
Not safeguarding my tender heart!
Sarala Balachandran


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