Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Annapurna Sharma


The paddy cutter was loud and swift
thrashing grains and banter
drift of the teeny bugs unheard
the blades swallowing invisible blood

It was a windy day, yet all was quiet
a sudden articulation of rage –
the sleepy dove not given time
nascent chicks flustering in my palms

Squatting on a dead leaf
like a yogini clad in paean
I hoped to capture serenity in my locks
transcending mortal sounds

Two flies, must have met just then
my forehead – their playfield
one behind the other
zooming in and out of my ears

The paddy cutter, the wind, the flies
trying hard
to harvest the echo of a poet
my soul weeping
for the unborn child –


Neem has sweetness
Sweetness of truth, half-truth
Crafting a deceptive language
The one that I swallowed
From your pots of poetry

Before the candles you lighted
On the tomb, on the footprints of time
Was I not able to read –
The musky scent of the purple fruit
Ever so obsessive, like unyielding love

The humming bird drumming its fins
In the gaps in the unresponsive limbs
It was hard to breathe
The breach
The intoxication

Perhaps one day, it would turn around
And compose lyrics of yellow flowers
My heart would leap over the wet rocks
Like the birth of an evolution
A seamless versification…


Under the veil,
I noticed
the split and the snap

The gloom of delphinium
dived in the broken waters
of the blue lake

I embraced your faults,
sculpting verses of pain
on uprooted streams

Yet, there were pulses,
in the faraway images, I imagined

a punctuation erased
a verse scratched
a poem burnt. Period.


ANNAPURNA SHARMA is Editor of Your Space/ Muse India, a literary e-journal. Her maiden book of poems ‘Melodic Melange’ was presented Prime Poetry award for excellence, 2019 (Pulitzer Books). A recipient of Savitribai Phule National Women Achiever Award – 2018, she is adjudged a Distinguished Writer - International in the 4th Bharat Award for Literature (short story contest 2018) by Xpress Publications and her poem shortlisted for All India Poetry Competition – 2017 conducted by The Poetry Society (India). Her short stories, articles, poems have appeared in print and online publications.

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  1. Hermosos versos:Sin embargo, hubo pulsos,
    En las imágenes lejanas, me imaginaba.

    una puntuación borrada
    un verso rayado
    un poema quemado. Período.