Wednesday, May 1, 2019




The Moon and I walked together
Measured strides, in the milky terrain
I stumbled and stopped, the moon stooped to pause
Eternity, in the brief speck of a moment
A pulsating truth was born.

My shadow and I in mutual submission
Hang on in infinite trajectory
Sewing edges of discord.
The togetherness both haunts and comforts
Paving a labyrinth to perfection.

If only you could have stayed on
If only you could have walked beside me
By the sea of turmoil
I could unravel to you the mystery
Of that hidden pearl, we tried to seek.


Drip drop, Drip drop
My senses take flight
To a long lost ballad
In the bard’s wanderlust
Is there a rivulet nearby?
Honeybees suck nectar on molten rubble
The fragrance of fresh pastures
Wafts from sores and saline
Ring in candyfloss delight!
The heart then a melting pot
Alive with incandescent love
A doll’s house of fanciful dreams.

Drip drop, Drip drop
Rocks my seasoned frame
Into an obscure slumber in mother’s womb
Is that a compassionate face
Peering at me with bloodshot eyes?
Ah! The blood drops drip in sullied veins
Reaches the cold heart
To bathe a fistful of futile dreams.

Drip drop, Drip drop
Cajoles me to eternal sleep
Carves an epitaph on the tombstone
“Here lies an incorrigible dreamer
Shrouded in crayons and rainbow”


The morning breeze tiptoed in
A shaft of sunlight filtered
Through the latticed window.
Nudged out of bed
I flung the window wide open
The breeze and sunlight
Somersaulted and danced free.

My outstretched hands
From the corner of my eyes
Soaked in the golden hue of ripe mahua
The red palash so brightly piquant
Romanced with the butter soft sunlight
In waves of gleeful orange.

The variegated bird’s chirp
Intercepted by the cuckoo’s harping note
Resonate with a gush of joy
And the heart chimes
Spring is in the air!


AMITA RAY is a retired associate professor in English and Vice Principal of a college in West Bengal, Her career spans over a period of thirty eight years in different educational institutions. An academic of varied interests she is also a translator  and short story writer. She has translated into English Abanindranath Tagore's KHIRER PUTUL which was published recently. Many of her short stories have been published in popular web magazines  and The Sunday Statesman. She is also a poet and her poems have been published in Glomag, Setu, Dissident Voice.