Wednesday, May 1, 2019




He is coming to me,
My heart started beating so fast;
But for what? He is neither my boyfriend,
Nor the person for lust!
But this is the moment
For what I waited so long!
Fear or happiness...didn't know the exact state of my mind,
But feelings for him to me is still very strong!

Finally he came closer to me with a smile,
Held my hands like a gentle guy;
I stared at him with an astonishing smile,
Nothing I want but to share my feelings atleast just for a try!

We said nothing just for a while,
But I cried smilingly in the meanwhile!
Nothing I worried about, nobody I thought for,
Just want to let him know that to me he is the prior!

He whispered, in my ears, bowing down his head & nose closer to me,
"You are someone really important to me"!
My breathe is getting fast & I just said
"To me You are the life!"
A sudden pause & then he whispered..
"Be my beautiful wife"
Destiny smiled & said,
"You got your destined man, for all your tears to wipe"..


She buried the woman within herself,
& Come out only as a flesh of blood;
She disconnected the heart from her mind,
& Allow herself to float in the dirty flood!
She's compelled to be forced,
& Often to be a price tagged element;
She can't be a mother,
As because the perception of being her as user element is evident!
She thinks that she got a skin,
A skin that may be softer than others and easy to scar;
She's a slut,
And That's what people tagged her so far!
She's sexy, she's appealing,
But she's used to be used as an object;
She sells out her body, she shouts loud,
& With the "whore" tag she never get respect!
Well, she is a whore,
But every single day She comes back her own home with a little toy;
Because away from the dirty world,
She kept her own world, her own little baby boy!
He's the only sign of her love, she is rearing up alone,
Noone bothers that, but is she really the element to enjoy?


I know you

As a person how you are;

Still I love you

& for that I know, how stupid I am!

I loved your anger,

I loved your reckless shouts;

I agreed with your abnormal claims,

Everything I did in love, that is of no doubts!

For you my love is just reckless,

But unfortunately the least you cared;

Being with you was my earnest desire,

But losing you was my greatest fear!


It's hurting while I am seeing today the drops of your tear;

Baby don't, still I love you

Wish you would ever understood, when I was alive there!


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