Wednesday, May 1, 2019




That constant hovering hollow of nothingness
After possessing every mundane thing.

Isn’t letting me inhale
Life’s fresh air.
And stopping me
From expressing me, embracing me.

The emptiness and meaninglessness
Of the perplexed inside
Messes with my outside.

How to handle myself
Is a major challenge I face.

A conditional solution pops in
To resolve these troubling things
Accept everything and everyone
As naked as they are!


Breathing, feeling, and inhaling
Our significant senses
Come alive
In the lap of the Nature.

As mother soothes infant
Nature consoles
The imbalanced self.

The inner malfunctioning
Needs rejuvenation
In a short while
Whilst stuck in the hustle and bustle of routine.

Healing of the soul
Stitching of those bleeding wounds
Oiling of the positivity
And repairing of the energy

Can only be felt and collected
From the cold soothing breeze
Shiny sun rays and melodious sounds
Felt and heard
Only in the lap of Mother Nature.


Ms. RAEESA USMANI is a Lecturer in English at The Department of Biotechnology, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat, Gujarat, India. A Gold Medalist in M.A. in English Literature and Language, she received her M. Phil. Degree on Travel Writing. She is currently working for a doctorate. She has published poems in journals and magazines, i.e. Setu, Spillwords Press, Tuck Magazine, The Pangolin Review, Café Dissensus, an Anthology, “Muffled Moans: An Anthology on Abuse/Gender Violence”, GNOSIS: An International Journal of English Language and Literature, JMS: An International Multidisciplinary e-Journal.

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