Sunday, September 1, 2019




Once I belonged to a zamindar family
My father said in our vein there is aristocracy .

Well ! Now we belong to middle class family ,
Nothing more or nothing less from mediocrity.

In one fine morning ,I asked to my grandpa ,
How we are different with others
Nothing special is there in us
Right now we are  just a part of orthodox society .

We lost all ,the riches we had
Something happened due to bad luck
Rest was negligency .
Then why we boast of our legacy ?

Answered his profound voice 
"You asking such questions ,this is your audasity .
To answer such question. I'm not ready
We belong to a zamindar family
In our vein there is aristocracy ."

We don't walk the way all do
In our every gesture there is speciality "
I asked again how come be we maintain all
If embraced by poverty ?
Ego should not be a constraint of our entity .

Some lost their all and scattered
From a joint property we are apart
From now on we should fight  for survival ,
Forgetting all about our ancient property .

Where women are dominated by men
In such a world women pretend to be  happy
They are not allowed to work outside their boundary
And these boundaries are delimited by the family

Women are  respected only for their beauty
Then tell me ! Is it not hypocrisy ?
Yes ! Indeed once I belonged to a zamindar family .
But that's not enough if consider my  identity .
Sumana Bhattacharjee


If distracting you not my absence
If everything  around you without me
So very fine and pleasant ,
Then I assume  in your life
There is no value of my presence.

Your gesture telling me
U  you are trying to forget all ,
My question to myself, have you loved me at all?

My untold words want to ask you
Have you kept me in your heart
In that very place?
Or time has changed its colour
And you  made me replace?

But your absence still tortures  me
And your that very words of love
I wish I could leave behind all
And fly like a carefree dove.

I know time is the best healer
But will it be able to remove the scars forever?

I still can remember you said
I will turn your every moment in glee .
Let me tell you, from you love chain
Now I am free .

You know ! Love is a great thing to me
And it's not your cup of tea .

How can I forget you
Like a passing season
I loved you really
But you teach me a unforgettable lesson.

Still I wait for a single phone call
Just to say "It's wrong number
And never call me again
Not at all  !"
Copyright @
Sumana Bhattacharjee


In the abyss of my mind
In the corner of my heart
There is such a place ,timeless !
The feelings, nobody can replace.

There only resides you and you
Echoes of your laughter,
Ripple of your soft words
That my heart always do care.

In my mind, there is a place ,
Lone and darker than darkest
Sometimes you dispel  it,
With your smile full of grace.

When nobody is around me
You come in my thought suddenly
My imagination talks to you
I remain mute in lieu.

You hold my hand
Take me to an another land
O my imagery ! I wish ! You would come in reality ,
And we would walk hand in hand  .


SUMANA BHATTACHARJEE is an English poetry and quote writer from India. She born and brought up in city Kolkata in a family of teachers . She has keen interest in music ,poetry and drama . She loves every form of fine arts but  she is most passionate about poetry . She is a published author and her poems have been published in many national and international anthologies ,magazines and blogs . She is the founder of an online poetry group and a member of World Union Of Poets .

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