Sunday, September 1, 2019




Oh Gautam, how harsh was your curse
The one you loved
You turned to stone

Oh Gautam, you were an ordinary man
Not all your penance or your prayer
Could make you shed the anger
Much like a jealous man

Husband of the most beautiful woman
Your property – defiled
A blow to your ego
You could not withstand

Love, forgiveness and kindness
Hallmark of an enlightened man
Wherefore gone?
Gautam, you were an ordinary man!

{According to legend, sage Gautam Rishi’s wife Ahilya was the most beautiful woman on earth. One day Indra god, disguised himself as Gautam and got intimate with Ahilya. When Gautam Rishi came to know of it, he was livid and, in his rage, cursed Ahilya to turn into a stone}


Spring arrives like bells on my feet
Henna on my hands
Twinkling stars on my wrists
Blossoms of blush pink and radiant reds colouring my cheeks
Sun’s fingers embrace my earth
Rocks grow hearts
Dandelions shoot up
In the arms of the matwala Basant
I dance in wheat and mustard fields
Golden my skin-
Shining with the blessings of Persephone
Harsingaar, jasmine
Showering fragrant blossoms of love
Languorous days and moonlit nights of lovemaking
Tasting breaths of forbidden fruits-
Luscious and sweet
Splashing colours of phagun
Meadows and gardens bursting at the seams
It’s still winter
When will it be spring for me?
-Sunita Singh (All Rights Reserved)


At birth it was decided how much she was worth
Her part of the world
Her portion of the sky
It was all fixed

The veils, all her attire
They grew as she grew
Voluminous and multi-hued
They hide her, she hides them
Masks she wears and pretends
Muffled voices she endures

Rising in rebellion, one day, she tears off her veils, all her masks she removes
Old clothes she rips off her body, till she stands naked
Staring, peering at herself in the mirror - a stranger to herself
Exorcising her old beliefs - a child pure and pink!
 (All Rights Reserved)

{This poem is a Roseate sonnet, a form of sonnet devised by Dr. A V Koshy, where the last four lines form the acrostic ROSE}


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