Tuesday, October 1, 2019



Peer Of  Love.

I was in love with you since the time I was slave
And had to carry water from the banks of the Nile
Pouring it into your clay pot;
I was in love with you since the time when I was  queen,
And you would knock the terrible bull down at the circus
Then bow your head down before me;
I was in love with you since the time
When you were a pagan god
And wine and blood would mix into our pagan love,
I was in love with you since the time
When you were a crusader
Our love of Jesus would bless our love
And make us follow it;
I bring love to you from the depth of centuries
For I simply was born with love
And you must mix with the eternity of love
Then rise from the centuries being forever new.

In place of the love which I donated you
I received  pain.
I can’t deny: generous you are:
the pain you gave me was much more
than my love was.


If I manage to escape
from  the race of the time
that follows me,
I’ll go to gather poems,
where the trees blossom
and wait for me:
(so many poems are there!)


ARMENUHI SISYAN- writer, poet from Armenia. Professor of Armenian language at Yerevan State Medical University. Her works  are translated into 11languages and published in different literary magazines, anthologies and newspapers around the world: Russia,  Iran,  Poland, Germany, Taiwan, Argentina, Japan, Italy, Lebanon, Paris, Spain, Albania, USA, India, Georgia, ets. Author of  9 books, last 2 were published in Kyoto (Japan) in Japanese. Participant of different International literary festivals and programs. (Аustria, Switzerland, Italy, Japan), winner of different  literary prizes. Member of Writers’ Union of Armenia.  Board member of  International Writers Association  in Brussels (IWA). Member of Japan Universal Poets Association, Kyoto.

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