Tuesday, October 1, 2019



Drops Of Life

While I embrace your words
From a distance,
From the deck of challenges,
I am sending my wishes
On the ocean of wonders.
I embodied hope
In all aspects of our destiny.
I say the mantra of life,
Words of love, everywhere.
While feelings of grace and illumination
Become the elixir of your heart,
Feelings of miracles and revival
Dwell in my heart.
Warm whisper of trade winds
Heats hope,
While drops of life
Creator's mightiest approve.
I left all forests of doubts
And misconceptions;
I measure the pleasures of life
With the speed of light everywhere.
I set the boundary around my mind
Against negativity.
I accept the halo of happiness;
I am part of this life!


Time is going
 To accelerate
Its steps,
And I'll slow down
River of oblivion,
So we'll meet
One day.

Me And Hope

Walls of hope
Are around me.
Steps of hope
Are in my wishful sea.
Legs of hope walk me
In meadow of happiness.
Hands of hope
Carry all my dreams.
Eyes of hope look
In my sunny days.
Ears of hope listen to
What my mind prays.
Back of hope
Learns to carry
My wishes,
And scents of hope
Spread feelings:
I am worthy of living.
Hugs of hope
Grow from my heart,
And spread
To other lovely souls.
Words of hope
Knit my poems,
And share them
With the whole world.
Hope keeps me
In touch with me,
With my inner strength,
And with other gentle souls.
Having hope everywhere,
And all the time is my goal.


REMZA LAGARIJA was born in 1959 in Bastasi near city of Foca, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She finished high school in 1978 in city of Brcko, Bosnia. She studied at the Department of Sociology and Philosophy at University of Novi Sad from 1984 to 1988. She started writing poetry while attending elementary school. She published her first poetry book “Look into your dreams” in Bosnian language 2017.

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