Tuesday, October 1, 2019




the stony statue
sitting in my soul
prodding, provoking
sprouting, spreading its tentacles…

Like a precious treasure
I protected it
embraced it
lived by it…

One day
a light flashed
I realized
it had only
debased me, demeaned me, defeated me…

Surgical knife!
I operated upon it
took it out
threw it into the deep sea…

Everything melted…
It became love
I became love…

Like in a surgical operation
remnants always remain
it too does bother me
at times
but I snub it…
Unheeded, it goes back
into the limbo…

With my pestilent past
I made peace.
Now, I am at peace.
The world too is at peace.


What road?
This or that
do you reach anywhere?
Here, there, anywhere
how does it matter?
It’s all, nowhere…
What destination?
Every destination
sickens you soon
urges you to a new destination…

Realization dawns
sooner or later
all restlessness, meaningless
all struggle, futile
all collection, possession, acquisition
a big burden…
Everything ends up
in stupefaction, depression…

or lifelessness
gradually drives you
inch by inch
to the final destination…

Tango Of Violence

man’s bane
smears his face
with red, horror and shame…
turns the devil in him
into a Dracula
defeats godliness…
Animal too
look at him
with disgust and wonder…
self-deceptive, self-destructive
dehumanizes man
defies Nature too…
Primitivism prevails
evolution fails…
Why wars
when you can live in peace
why hatred
when you can have the bliss of love
why destroy
when you can create
why ugliness
when you can bathe in beauty
why be a beast
when you can be a man?


Dr O. P. ARORA is a renowned poet, novelist and short story writer. Seven  volumes of his poems have endeared him to the readers and critics alike. His love for Nature, his penetrating social insight and his philosophical profundity lend a unique charm to his writings. His poems have been published in almost all the leading literary journals and have been generously included in most of the prominent anthologies. Exclusive full-length chapters on his poetry have appeared in various significant studies made by celebrated poets / critics on Indian English Poetry. He has been awarded Certificates of Excellence consecutively for two years, in 2018 & 2019, by The Poetry Society of India for his poems in their prestigious anthologies. Some of his poems have been translated into Spanish and Portuguese. His three novels and a collection of his short stories have been highly appreciated as the true portrayal of contemporary India. He has an excellent academic record culminating in his Doctorate in English Literature from Panjab University, Chandigarh. He has taught in Delhi University for nearly four decades.

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