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ALICJA KUBERSKA: What does poetry mean to you?

VUQAR AKHMED: Poems - this is yesterday's, today's, tomorrow's feelings and relaxation of the soul for me. I write my poems, feeling everything around me...

ALICJA KUBERSKA: What’s according to you the meaning of poetry in the contemporary world?

VUQAR AKHMED: Poetry is the air …, our breathing , and  pleasure.

ALICJA KUBERSKA: Can you describe your creative process while writing a new poem?

VUQAR AKHMED: Nature..., events and my thoughts...

ALICJA KUBERSKA: Did it happen to you that a poem was just your dream?

VUQAR AKHMED: Poetry isn't my dream, it’s reality of soul, thoughts. I feel the world  and humanity through the  poetry.

ALICJA KUBERSKA: Tell us about your inspiration. What are the most important subjects to you?

VUQAR AKHMED: I don’t choose a theme. It finds me itself and never leaves me. I only write these thoughts on .

MARIA MIRAGLIA: Which were the emotions that inspired your first verses?

VUQAR AKHMED: Especially,  love, my motherland, and  different persons which I know.

MARIA MIRAGLIA: Was your aspiration to become a poet or did all happen by chance?

VUQAR AKHMED: I wasn’t going to be a poet, and now I do not consider myself a poet. Just writing the thoughts of my heart... of my soul  

MARIA MIRAGLIA: Who is the first person you read your poems to and why?

VUQAR AKHMED: First person was my mother, but now my family… especially my  daughter. Because my daughter is singer - master of Mugam ( our national music ), and she feels all my thoughts…from the beginning to the end.

MARIA MIRAGLIA: Have you published any poetic anthology, if so what did you feel the first time you got it in your hands?

VUQAR AKHMED: I author of  poetic books, besides that I wrote novel, stories also. The first publishing was  a Holiday of my soul. Poetry is my life and I got some peak  place on this way. I am Professor, Doctor of Philological  Sciences, the head of department  "History of Press  and Publisistics " Institute of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences,   a member of the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan. All these are my world.

MARIA MIRAGLIA: Who are the poets you prefer reading? Do you get inspiration from them?

VUQAR AKHMED : I prefer good poems. If they are great, I will read them and all authors of good poems.  I am inspired by their thoughts.

APRILIA ZANK: How important is accessibility of meaning to you? Do you challenge the readers to work hard to decipher your poems, or do you prefer transparency of meaning?

VUQAR AKHMED: I think that if my poems would be interesting, the readers themselves will find my creativity and will enjoy from them always.

APRILIA ZANK: What kind of poems do you write mostly? Do you have recurring themes, or are all your poems unique?

VUQAR AKHMED: I was surrounded deferent kinds of events, thoughts, persons, and activities of people. That’s why I write different kinds of verses, there are   themes  which interesting for me and for my readers.

APRILIA ZANK: Do you think your poetry is typically feminine / masculine? If yes, in what way?

VUQAR AKHMED: There  is  no  gender   in poetry.

APRILIA ZANK: Do you write mostly about yourself, or do you also have an open eye /ear for the issues of the world?

VUQAR AKHMED: These are my feelings, these can belong to everything that covered  us.

APRILIA ZANK: In what way is your poetry different from that of other poets?

VUQAR AKHMED: This may be the difference in the point of view my thoughts and style.

LEYLA IŞIK: What are the main factors to make poetry real poetry?

VUQAR AKHMED: Feelings, deep  meanings and soul of poets.

LEYLA IŞIK: Do you think imagery is important in poetry? Where does the importance of imagery begin in a poem, where does it end?

VUQAR AKHMED: When poet write verses, imaginary, even, everything, must  happen its own.

LEYLA IŞIK: What are the most used types of poetry in your country?

VUQAR AKHMED: Different kinds  of types. And all these are   masterpiece of folk poetry. One of them is style by syllables, and many poets use it.

LEYLA IŞIK: What’s important to be a good poet? To write good poems!

VUQAR AKHMED: I think – being good poet! Because a good poet writes good poems. For writing  good poems every poet  need  have a deep thoughts, loving heart and a creative  soul.

LEYLA IŞIK: Who are the most important poets and their main properties nowadays?

VUQAR AKHMED: I don't want choosing, every poet has his/her skills on poetry. 

DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD: Understanding poetry begins with visualizing the central images in the poem. What do you see, taste, smell, hear, and feel? What is the imagery of your poetry?

VUQAR AKHMED:  There is no poet without feeling these …Every poet must mastered these.

DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD: What is the mood of your poetry? (Or How does it make you feel?)

VUQAR AKHMED: When I write poems, I am only in my world...in my poetry world.I and my thoughts...my soul....

DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD: In your poetry who is the speaker of the poem? Are you speaking to yourself or to others?


DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD: What is the message of your poetry? What messages do your poetry convey?

VUQAR AKHMED:  They are different. I  try send them to  the life, to the world, to  the heaven...

DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD: Does the internet and social media contribute to the success of your poetry? Is this the reason you write for?

VUQAR AKHMED: Of course, the Internet, social world help to spread my poems. To my readers, who are delighted, I express my gratitude.

NILAVRONILL SHOOVRO: Thank you so much dear poet for the interview. We would like to know your personal experience with OPA as a literary web journal. Would you like to share anything more with our readers?

VUQAR AKHMED: Of course dear poet. With great pleasure.

VUQAR AKHMED - poet, professor, born in 1963 in Azerbaijan - Baku. He graduated from the philological faculty of the ADPU, currently works at ANAS. Doctor of Philology, professor, member of the New York SA, member of the Union of Writers and Journalists of Azerbaijan, member  of  the Mugam Association of Russian-Derbend Unity. He is married, he has a daughter and a son.

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