Tuesday, October 1, 2019



The Neo Marginalised

There were fantasies pure,
A mind given to dreams
A world which entertained them.
Where is that world now?

Cares were standing like the great warriors
Encircling Abhimanyu*
Who had broken into  the chakraviyu of life,
But did not know how to break out of it.

It was the result of the little knowledge
Which proved dangerous, as it armed him
with dare to challenge
But not the wit to defeat the powers.

At last the armed gang of cares broke in upon the fantasies, and one by one
they were reduced to a minority
And then exiled.

The most endangeered species are fantasies
Which like trees have lost their primary
The jungle of buildings has displaced
The trees to sanctuaries
Where a few plants and trees
Have free time to discuss the harrowing times
That are  coming upon them.

They look at people who come and sit under their shade
They have money but no joy.
Their minds are filled with fast trash.
They have no passion for life
They are after money.

Some birds listen to the babble
And nod their heads in agreement.
Reminded of their falling numbers
Declared extinct and confined in cages
In menageries.

The marginalized trees who have been reduced to a minority
Still try to wash the dirt linen of humanity
And make the planet look fresh
And loveable.
Not its thankless, headless, men
Who still call themselves human.

Being human is now a swear word
In our parlance,
Say the trees, the birds and waters
Burying  their heads in despair.

*Abhimanyu was a great hero of Mahabhartha who broke into Daronacharya's Chakraviyu but did not know how to get out of it. He was encircled by great warriors who pounced upon him together , and he was martyred. He was Arjun's son, the hero of Mahabharat, to whom Lord Krishna had recited the divine song The Gita.

Master Of Trivialities

Life was not easy.
Nothing came by itself.
I needed some things to keep alive,
And then heave a sigh of relief.
But I went on gathering this after that,

I have so much so many can live on.
But is living only keeping alive?
When my wits are assembled,
Body fed,
And essential vitamins supplied,
I feel there is some ethereal spectrum
waiting for me.

The time I had I wasted in gathering
and had no time for myself.
In my mind, I had some dreams.
Some beautiful thoughts.
I take them out from under the debris
And find them soiled and lost to shape.

I will come again. I tell my frame.
Which does not wait.
Collapses in the absence of the actor.
Returns to the earth faster than it had arrived.

I am in search of my frame.
Oh....Gods tell me. It has gone back to earth.
My bones flowed away in the Ganga.
Here is another can.

I come contained in another urn.
From Aladdin's lamp emerges a new Jin,
A shadow emerges from the background of light
Head filled with follies. Revelling in its villainies.
The Master of Trivialities.


Fire which was sleeping, had a dream. It saw a huge crowd following a very big man.
"Big? Ten feet?"
"No very important"  was the whisper.

A big business corporate.
A multi billionaire.

The fire felt happy.
It will be great to meet a billionaire.

Fire heard the people shout.
It leapt its head from out of the match stick.
It was a pyre like pyres.
Just six feet.
And they poured some smelling liquid.
Now they are chanting 'mantras'.

Then then someone knocked in my head.
I woke up from my dream.
And lo, I was invited.
A rustle and I was ignited.

They set me on one side of the pyre.
He is a billionaire.
I had a bee in my head.
And I started searching his body.
I went inside.
I went outside.
Everywhere inside and out.

There was no pocket on the body.
No corner where millions were stacked.
Give me the password of your swiss accounts.
I took a lot of time torturing him in his head.
But he was dead.

All that he had made
Lay buried in silence and parting poverty.
Millions now did not stay.
And inside an hour, I turned him to eternity.

My mortal lesson, for the day.
Millions don't go beyond the clay


Dr JERNAIL SINGH ANAND is an internationally acknowledged Indian poet, philosopher, spiritualist and scholar. Hailing from Longowal, [Punjab, India], [b. 1955],  he acquired his Ph.D degree from Panjab University, Chandigarh, and was honoured with D.Litt. degree by Univ. of South America.  He has to his credit more than 60 books of English poetry, prose, fiction, nonfiction and spirituality. He has innovated the theory of BIOTEXT(along with Iranian scholar Dr Roghayeh Farsi) and CLOUD SYNDROME in Critical theory and is a refereed author. His mini-epic 'Geet: The Song Eternal', a sequel to Milton's 'Paradise Lost' ,  earned rave previews which is running into 2nd edition Geet: THE Unsung Song of Eternity. His major writings include The Ganterbury Tales, a modern sequel to the great Canterbury Tales, 'The Satanic Empire )' (an epic) a sequel to Dante's 'The Divine Comedy', followed by verse anthologies like 'Fighting the Flames' and  'Voices from the Void'. 'The Barbed Wire' (a novel) and 'Facing It' (poetry) are coming up. His works of spirituality 'Bliss:The Ultimate Magic' and 'I Belong to You' have been translated into Persian and published in Iran.  Bliss has been compared  with Khalil Gibran's 'The Prophet' and his work of poetry, 'Beyond Life Beyond Death' to T.S. Eliot's 'The Wasteland'. Vishwabharati Res. Centre has brought out a Companion on Dr J.S. Anand’s work. He has been Secretary General of World Parliament of Literature and Ambassador, World Union of Poets, and Founder President, Philosophique Poetica. Dr. Anand has been honoured with various awards: such as Lord of World Peace and Literature, Award of Supreme Excellence [Vishwabharati], Cross of Peace, Cross of Literature, [World Union of Poets Italy], World Icon of Peace [Nigeria], Dr. Mohinder Singh Randhawa Award for Promotion of Art and Culture, Art4Peace Foundation California, Lifetime Achievement Award, World Laureate of Literature, Lifetime Achievement Award by Literati Cosmos Council, Mathura, and most recently African International Poetry Award.(wikipedia) .


  1. All the above three pieces are the finest example of poetic craftsmanship of you, Sir, enriched with varied shades and hues of life. You excel in the art of expressing poetic sensibility taking it to the height of zenith by making use of imagery and symbolism. Wish you all the very best for such ma