Tuesday, October 1, 2019



Peace Flows Into Me

The tempest calmed
Peace flows into me
I fly above the wind
And I can arise
For hundred years
From darkness to light
I paid this price of peace
With the price of solitude
And with all the letters
Of a farewell poem
In my Universe the poppies blow
When I am waiting
For the proof of pain in the row
With the exuberant innocence
Of my soul...

I Am Not Yet Born

I'm still a particle
In the Universe
I look for the place
Where my seed
Will come into life
I choose to be born
In each of the colours
Of the rainbow
Or in a tree circle
Or in a white rose
Or in a coral of the shell
But when the dream ends
There is a place where I go
In a mixture of a casualty
Called LIFE...

Essence Of Egg

Absolute at sunset
red carnation enlivening
angels of light
of the stardust,
like crystal drops
on the cobalt sky.

Incandescent apple face,
baking in the ovens
of paradise foam,
of the silk cloud
feeding the hunger for life
from the womb of the Universe.

Sun, blooming coral,
in love with the moon,
gravitating together
in a circle of a wedding ring.


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